Pronoun Legislation Is About ‘Common Sense Vs. Nonsense’

A Florida bill introduced by Republican state Rep. Ryan Chamberlin would address signature obligations on taxpayer-funded government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits, and would address “common sense” obligations. and the insane,” the lawmaker told Breitbart News on Friday.

Chamberlin introduced this measure. Excited There has been a lot of interest in the media this week. HB599 It directly addresses yet another aspect of the left’s woke agenda: addressing issues of gender identity in these institutions.

Essentially, it states that employees or contractors of the aforementioned agencies cannot request to use an individual’s “personal pronouns” if they do not correspond to that individual’s biological sex. It also protects the employee from potential “adverse personnel action” for rejecting woke “nonsense.”

The law protects employees from “religious or biologically-based beliefs, including belief in traditional or biblical views on sex and marriage, or disagreement with the gender ideology of the employee or contractor (those views). Employees are protected from the possibility of suspension, transfer, dismissal, or demotion for any reason, including (whether or not) According to the text of the bill, it reads in part:

It is an illegal employment practice for a nonprofit or state-funded employer to require training, instruction, or other activities related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression as a condition of employment. For purposes of this subsection, the term “nonprofit organization” means an organization that is exempt from tax pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 501, or federal, state, or local government agencies.

In an emailed statement to Breitbart News, Chamberlin said the bill “has received tremendous support and I look forward to its passage.”

“We are born male or female based on our reproductive organs. This biological fact never changes,” the statement reads in part, and the bill itself also states, “A person’s gender is an unchangeable biological fact. “It is a scientific trait, and it is the national policy that it is wrong to give a pronoun to a person.” It does not correspond to the gender of such a person. ”

“Forcing people to admit otherwise is unconstitutional. This bill would require taxpayer-funded government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits to It only makes clear that forcing employees to undergo pronoun, gender identity, or “awakening training” violates the personal rights of Florida residents. ” The statement continued, “Taxpayer-funded organizations require or discipline employees to use pronouns or gender identity in a particular way other than the gender established at birth.” I can’t do that,” he added.

“HB 599 is about common sense and nonsense,” the statement added.

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Additionally, the law reads in part:

An employee or contractor may be required, as a condition of employment, to refer to another person using that person’s preferred personal title or pronouns if that person’s title or pronoun does not correspond to that person’s gender. It may not be required. An employee or contractor may not provide an employer with a preferred personal title or pronoun if the preferred personal title or pronoun is not gender-compatible. Employees or contractors are asked by their employer to provide preferred personal titles or pronouns, are penalized, or subject to adverse personnel action for failing to provide preferred personal titles or pronouns. You can’t.

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Despite the general backlash against the woke agenda, a Summer Newsweek survey found that 44 percent of Millennials believe it is a crime to call someone by the wrong gender pronoun (he/him, she/her). It turns out that he thinks it should be.

As reported by Breitbart News, “31 percent of millennials surveyed rejected the idea of ​​making ‘misgendering’ a criminal offense, with the remainder either ‘neither agree nor disagree’ or ‘don’t know. ‘ he answered.

Kamala Harris: “My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘she’. And I’m the woman sitting at the table in the blue suit.”

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