Putin Announces Plans To Base Nuclear Warheads In Belarus

Russia announced Saturday plans to ship nuclear weapons to ally Belarusian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president insists the tactical move does not violate the nuclear non-proliferation agreement. report by Tas.

The United States responded to Putin’s recent move by stating, “We see no reason to adjust our strategic nuclear forces. We remain committed to the collective defense of our NATO alliance,” according to a Pentagon statement. report According to Reuters.

Belarus is a key ally of Russia and supported the 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Before the invasion, Belarus allowed Russian forces to enter its territory, completing months of military exercises. (Related: Belarus claims its air defenses shot down Ukrainian missile)

Putin told Russian media that Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko had previously raised the issue of Belarus’ deployment of nuclear weapons. “There is nothing unusual here either. First, the United States has been doing this for decades. They have been deploying tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of allies for a long time,” Putin said. BBC.

Russia plans to complete a storage facility for nuclear warheads inside Belarus, but Putin has not said exactly when the weapons will be moved. This is the first time Russia has deployed nuclear weapons across its borders since the mid-1990s, he reported to the BBC.

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