‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley spotted at halfway house

Jacob Chansley, aka “QAnon Sherman,” is settling into a federal hospital discharge in Phoenix without incident. 2021 years.

Chansley, 35, who became the poster boy for the Capitol Riot, was first photographed on Saturday after serving 27 months on a sentence of nearly three and a half years from FCI Stafford federal prison in Arizona.

Chancery has been spotted 70-bed Phoenix Residential Reentry Center A photo in the Daily Mail shows him walking in and out of his assigned unit on the top floor to grab food and standing outside grinning with a large mug in his hand.

He then dodged questions from reporters, including his thoughts on the Manhattan indictment of former Donald Trump for allegedly paying hush money ahead of the 2016 election.

“QAnon Sherman” Jacob Chansley is settling into a federal midterm discharge in Phoenix after his infamous January 6, 2021 shirtless assault on the US Capitol.
Photo by Rick D’Elia/D’Elia NY Post

Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley released early from federal prison
Chansley dodged questions from reporters.
Photo by Rick D’Elia/D’Elia NY Post

Gloria Perez, who lives across the street, told The Post that Chansley was “probably insane” and wouldn’t dare approach him.

“Every time you think of riots, you associate it,” she said.

“I don’t even know his name. Only ‘Horn Guy.'”

Jacob Chansley
35-year-old Chansley became a frontman for the Capitol riot.

Chansley, who is struggling with mental health issues, will have to remain in middle school until May 25.

Phoenix’s Chansley pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of official proceedings before Congress in September 2021.

His mother, Martha Chansley, told The Post early Friday that her son was “doing fine.”

Jacob Chansley
Chansley (who was seen here during the Capitol riot) was found at the 70-floor Phoenix Residential Reentry Center grabbing food in and out of the unit assigned to him on the top floor.
Stephen Nelson/NY Post

“We have to pretend he’s still in prison,” she said at her home in Phoenix.

“Halfway home is still like a prison. He can’t go see anyone. I can’t even visit him.”

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