Rapper Allegedly Gobbled Up Cocaine During Traffic Stop To Hide It From Cops, Police Say

Police took rapper Kodak Black into custody after he allegedly swallowed cocaine in an alleged effort to avoid arrest, the Miami New Times reported.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was arrested in Plantation, Florida, and booked into Broward County’s main jail Thursday evening. The rapper was charged with drug possession and evidence tampering, according to the Miami New Times. The arrest affidavit reportedly indicated Kodak Black was pulled over for a routine traffic check, which resulted in further investigation.

“I exited the vehicle and noticed Kapri’s mouth was full of white powder,” the officer wrote in the arrest affidavit, per the outlet.

Police initially observed a black Bentley SUV with its tail lights on, parked in the roadway and blocking traffic, according to the Miami New Times. Officers reportedly approached the side door and noticed the window was halfway down. Officers said they found Kodak Black asleep inside the car and smelled a burnt cannabis odor coming from the vehicle, according to the Miami New Times.

Police allegedly found weed-rolling papers in the car and a disposable cup inside the door handle that smelled like alcohol, the Miami New Times reported. Officers also reportedly found cannabis residue in the car’s center console.

Officers then noticed a white powder allegedly falling from Kodak Black’s mouth, according to the Miami New Times. The affidavit said the powder field-tested positive for cocaine, and the police officers’ notes indicated he believed the rapper ingested the cocaine to avoid arrest, the Miami New Times reported. (RELATED: Jake Paul Denies Cocaine Use Rumors In Hilarious Video)

When officers placed Kodak Black under arrest and questioned him about the alleged white rock-like substance on the ground, he reportedly said it was “Percocet.” Officers located approximately four grams of cocaine on scene, according to Miami New Times.

Kodak Black posted a $5,000 bond Thursday evening and is charged with two felony counts, according to the Broward County Clerk’s Department.

The story continues to unfold.



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