Reddit drama after mother repeatedly makes unwanted breakfasts for son: he threw her out

A Reddit user who claimed he kicked his mom out of the house because she kept wasting food was right to do so because her boundaries were violated multiple times, a relationship expert tells Fox News Digital spoke about the situation.

Reddit user “Ok_Lavishness_3277” shared his unusual story on Monday, March 11, on a subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the A–hole”).

In a post titled “AITA asked my mother to leave because she won’t stop wasting my food,” the man said his sister had just had a baby and her mother had come to help. He said he was with his family. His sister’s apartment was too small.

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“I agreed to let her stay at my house because she lives only eight blocks away. It’s walking distance. My plan was to take her home in an Uber in the morning, and then take her home after work. “I was going to pick her up,” the man wrote.

But his mother was concerned about his eating habits, he wrote in the report. On weekdays, he only eats one meal a day, at dinner time.

The Reddit user’s mother made him breakfast every day, even though he didn’t want her to. (St. Petersburg)

“I have coffee for breakfast and fruit for lunch. On Saturdays, I treat myself to a delicious breakfast. [on] “On Sundays, I take the girl I’m dating out to brunch,” he said.

Even though he doesn’t eat breakfast, his mother “wakes up early in the morning, searches the refrigerator and freezer, and makes breakfast for me,” the man wrote.

“I said thank you to her.”[d] That’s true, but I don’t usually eat breakfast,” he said.

“She said that was stupid. I made it clear to her that she could eat whatever she wanted at home, but not to make breakfast because it would be wasteful.”

Undaunted, his mother made him breakfast the next day, but he didn’t eat it. His mother then threw it away without saving it for later.

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“I asked him again not to waste the food,” the man said. Ok_Lavishness_3277 said in a follow-up comment that when he was a child he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The next day, the mother made breakfast for her son again. This apparently led her to ask her mother if she had dementia.

“I said again, please don’t waste food.”

“She wastes my food for no reason. I’m not poor or anything, but it’s very upsetting for me to waste food,” he said.

“She said I was ungrateful for her help and that I did it to be nice to her for letting her stay at my house.”

Ok_Lavishness_3277 said again, “I didn’t need breakfast that week, didn’t want it, didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it. She said she understood.”

But “the next day, she made breakfast for me. I had had enough. When I dropped her off at my sister’s house, I took her things as well,” he said, telling the doorman that his mother warned them that they were no longer welcome.

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“During the day, I received many messages from my girlfriend and sister. My father also called me and asked me to change my mind. I said no,” the man wrote. His father came over and rented an AirBnb with his mother.

Ok_Lavishness_3277’s actions have divided the family.

“My sister came to talk to me by herself. She said I was a complete human being.” [jerk] And I was able to afford the food that my mother was wasting,” he said.

“I said I could, but I said I didn’t want to. She literally used up my two months’ worth of food. She made me a huge breakfast that I didn’t eat.”

Freshly baked sweet croissants with honey for breakfast

A mother made her adult son breakfast for several days, despite her son’s repeated requests that he “doesn’t need, want, need, or want breakfast during the week.” (St. Petersburg)

The man wrote that his father asked him to bring his mother back home.

“I said I would do it on the condition that she understands that my food is completely off-limits to her. She can pay for her own food,” he wrote. “I said I would free up space in her fridge and freezer for her. She called me stupid and boring.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Ok_Lavishness_3277 for an update and further comment on his article.

Meanwhile, the man said his father is “remaining neutral” about the situation, and “his girlfriend thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.”

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Nicole Moore, a relationship expert based in California, told Fox News Digital, “The best way to manage food and deal with family members who are wasting food is to do exactly what this man did. “We need to do that,” he said in an email.

It added: “After he repeatedly set boundaries and demanded that his mother stop cooking, he took more drastic steps to let her know he was serious.”

“At the end of the day, the son has a completely reasonable request, and his boundaries should be respected because they do not harm his mother or the family in any way.”

“Communicating boundaries multiple times is the best first step in dealing with a controlling family member, because sometimes you need to hear the message more than once for it to be understood. ”

If your partner repeatedly shows that they don’t respect your boundaries, “the wise thing to do is to remove yourself and them from the situation,” relationship experts say.

coffee pot

In the post, the Reddit user said that he usually only drinks coffee for breakfast every morning. (St. Petersburg)

“At the end of the day, the son has a perfectly reasonable request and his boundaries are not meant to harm the mother or the family in any way, so they should be respected,” Moore said. Ta.

Reddit users largely agreed with the experts’ take on the situation.

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Reddit users said Ok_Lavishness_3277’s actions were extreme, but he was right to want to respect personal boundaries. (St. Petersburg)

In nearly 800 replies to the post so far, most people supported the man’s position, saying his response was drastic but necessary for the situation at hand.

“It seems like your mother started a power play and kept wasting food until you surrendered (she knew it was bothering you, but that was the point) ). Then the mother would have ‘won’,” said Reddit user “PendragonINTJ” in the most upvoted reply.


The same poster continued, “It was inconvenient for you to kick her out, so of course you had to be the bad guy.But if your mother was even a little reasonable, there wouldn’t have been a need.” must.”

In another top comment, Reddit user “somerandomshmo” wrote, “She’s trying to be a grown adult mother. She doesn’t have dementia. She accepts that her young son is grown up and has his own life.” “The NTA is just refusing to do so.”

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