‘Remarkable’ Chance to Restore Regular Order

Rep. Thomas Massey (R. Kentucky) on Tuesday said he would support passing a debt ceiling bill to a vote in the House. It’s a crucial step as House leaders struggle to get enough support to send the bill to the Senate. week.

Massey, one of nine Republicans on the House Rules Committee, has reserved a tough stance on a bill that contains some of the spending cuts and other provisions Republicans want.

The Kentucky Republican lawmaker said in his opening remarks during the committee’s review of the bill that the bill would indeed cut some discretionary spending this year, and that the bill would include more money to fund the government later in the year. He said he and his colleagues included a clause to restore “normal order.” Year.

he Said The fact that this provision was included in a debt limitation bill called the Fiscal Responsibility Act was “remarkable.”

Massey’s clause, which several members of the House of Representatives Liberal Democrats say it supports, urges the House to fund the government through 12 appropriations bills instead of one omnibus bill this year. It will be

“If you want to control your overall spending, that’s your chance,” Massey said.

He continued:

I don’t like the process leading up to this bill. I’m not going to lie. Have one person enter a room with another person and there are no cameras there. Then they come out and say up or down, shoot or let go. It’s not a good process, but it’s not the process we’re going to follow when it comes to spending. There are things I dislike and like about this bill, but the redemption part for me is Section 102.

“I expect to vote in favor of this rule,” Massey concluded.

The spending hawk became known this year for wearing a debt limit counter on his suit jacket, indicating that the national debt has reached $31 trillion.

Rep. Thomas Massey talks about the Treasury button before his State of the Union address in the House of Representatives on February 7, 2023. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc, Getty Images)

Massey, along with Rep. Chip Roy (Rep., Texas) and Rep. He was one of three leading conservatives who tried to get him on the rules committee.

Roy and Norman have been vocal opponents of the bill. They said raising the debt ceiling by January 2025 would negate effective spending cuts and the White House would veto it, but the bill passed by the House in April claims that it pales in comparison to the “Limit, Conserve, and Grow Method” of Specification.

Roy said in a viral message on Monday that all nine Republicans in Congress must agree to report the rule on the bill, but seven must vote in favor of the rule. Some Republican leaders have since disputed the comments, which are not publicly listed in the House rules.

While the committee is still debating the debt relief bill, which has until Tuesday evening to resolve proposed amendments and other procedural conundrums, Mr. Massey’s comments on the bill are not expected of Mr. Roy and Mr. Norman. Despite his position, he suggested the bill would likely reach a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Republican leadership is confident at least a majority of Republicans in the House will support the bill, and plans to put it up for debate Wednesday night.

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