‘Remarkably Naive’ to Not Understand Aiding Ukraine Vital to Our National Interests

Sen. Mark Warner (D-V.A.) said in CNN’s “State of the Union address” Sunday that he was “extremely naive” not to understand that it served U.S. interests to support Ukraine in its war against Russia. said.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Yesterday we learned that, moving the subject overseas, Russia plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Russia says it’s just doing what America is already doing to European countries.What is your reaction to Russia’s move?

Warner said: Putin is a dangerous man. we always know that. We have seen that the Russian offensive and the offensive in the eastern Ukraine city of Bakhmut seem to have stalled. I hope that the Ukrainian counterattack will be successful. It also points to American political aspirants who refuse to admit how dangerous Putin is, or that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, it is against our national interests in threatening the Baltic states. I think it reminds me, what do we do in terms of threatening Poland, what do we do in terms of giving more green light to President Xi Jinping who could potentially take action against Taiwan? do you want to Those who do not understand that are either very naive or do not understand the difficult geopolitical times we live in. “

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