Rep. Cori Bush, Already Under DOJ Investigation, Paid Husband Additional $17,500 in 2023

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri) is already under federal investigation for allegedly misusing taxpayer funds to pay her husband a six-figure sum in “personal security.” Now, new filings show she paid him an additional $17,500 in 2023.

A Missouri progressive became the target of a Justice Department investigation on Monday when the department served a grand jury subpoena to the U.S. House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms, Breitbart News report at that time. According to Punchbowl News, which first reported the story, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking records regarding the unauthorized spending of taxpayer funds earmarked for President Bush’s personal security representatives.

President Bush’s latest filings, It has been submitted On Wednesday night, her campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) an additional $2,500 payment to each of her husband, Courtney Merritt, between October 1 and December 31, 2023. He revealed that he had gone twice.

This latest payment of $17,500 brings the total amount paid to Mr. Merritt to $120,000. Merritt has had an ongoing relationship with Bush “since before he was in Congress,” the statement said. statement her office is After being sent to St. Louis.

The couple married in February 2023, more than a year after President Bush began paying for security services for his companions in January 2022.

Congresswoman Cori Bush and her current husband Courtney Merritt (Twitter) at the 2020 Inauguration Ceremony.

However, in April 2023, President Bush’s commission changed its job description to “wage expenses.”

“Politicians can pay their families by committees as long as they provide ‘honest’ services at fair market value” FOX News report. “He was pocketing that money at the same time the Bush campaign was spending millions on private details to companies such as St. Louis-based PEACE Security.”

All told, Mr. Bush spent more than $770,000 on security services.

The media noted that Merritt had a previous job in the railroad industry and ran a moving company, but as of late February 2023, he did not have a private security license.

“He also did not appear in a database of licensed security professionals in Washington, D.C.,” the report added.

President Bush confirmed that the Justice Department is investigating her campaign spending and said in a statement Tuesday that her office is “cooperating fully.”

“Since before I was sworn into office, I have endured relentless threats to my physical safety and life,” Bush wrote to Mr. “As a rank-and-file member, I am not entitled to personal protection by the House of Representatives. Instead, I used campaign funds to the extent permissible to maintain security services.”

“These frivolous complaints have led to numerous investigations, some of which are still ongoing,” the Squad member continued. “The Federal Election Commission and the House Ethics Committee are currently reviewing this matter, as is the Department of Justice. We are fully cooperating with all of these pending investigations.”

President Bush also criticized Rep. Troy Neals (R-Texas), who called the security payments “thug money.”

“She doesn’t even support the police. But what’s the point of paying her thugs to protect her this and that?” Nehls Said To all journalists. “Maybe if she wasn’t so loud all the time, she wouldn’t have been threatened.”

Democratic lawmakers responded by accusing Nehls of racism and endangering “black lives.”

“@RepTroyNehls just called my husband, a black veteran, a thug. And I’m a loud black woman who needs to be silent to protect myself from violence, or what?” Bush said. I posted it.

“This is the kind of rhetoric that puts black lives at risk. He must apologize”:

“I owe an apology to all law enforcement officers across the country. I’ll be waiting,” Niels retorted.

The latest Justice Department investigation into Bush echo A similar investigation By FEC.



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