Rep. Dwight Evans says he had a ‘minor stroke’

Democratic Congressman Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania announced that he recently suffered a “mini-stroke.”

He said he expects voting to resume in Washington, D.C., within about six weeks.

“The main impact appears to be some impairment to one leg.”

“I wanted to let my constituents know that I am recovering from a mild stroke. minor“It was so minor that I didn’t even know what had happened for several days,” Evans said in a statement.

“The primary impact appears to be a loss of use in one leg, which will interfere with my walking for a while, but will not impact my long-term ability to serve the people of Philadelphia,” he said. “I am recuperating at an inpatient rehabilitation facility and will remain there for approximately another week, after which I will transition to outpatient care. At this time, I am scheduled to be able to return to voting in Washington in six weeks. I am focused on my recovery and request privacy during these six weeks.”

Lawmakers, including Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman, Suffered In response to Evans’ announcement, Democrats offered their congratulations to him, as he suffered a stroke just before winning Florida’s 2022 Democratic Senate primary.

“This is never easy, but we’re all rooting for you, Congressman.” post Pointed out by @SenFettermanPA X account.

“Having worked with Rep. Dwight Evans for years, I know you can’t keep the children of Philadelphia down. I wish him a speedy recovery and continue to raise awareness and break down stigma, and I look forward to seeing him return to the podium in the near future,” said Rep. Richard Neal, D-Massachusetts. I got it..

Earlier this week, Republican Rep. Greg Murphy of North Carolina announced he would be undergoing surgery to remove a “tumor at the base of his skull called a pituitary macroadenoma.”

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