Rep. Jeff Duncan’s wife files for divorce over cheating with DC lobbyist

A South Carolina lawmaker who campaigns as a champion of “traditional family values” has had multiple affairs during their 34-year marriage, his wife alleges in divorce papers.

Melody Duncan accused Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan in a filing Friday of abandoning her family to live with a mistress who is said to be a lobbyist in the Washington, D.C., area. According to court documents.

Duncan “admitted this extramarital affair to many people. [the couple’s three sons] and members of his staff,” the filing alleges.

The 57-year-old conservative is said to have flaunted his affair to Melody’s face during his re-election campaign, while claiming to be in a healthy marriage to voters.

Just last month, Mr. Duncan described Melody as a “supportive and loving wife” at the 12th Annual Faith and Freedom Barbecue. The barbecue is one of the largest annual Republican gatherings in South Carolina, typically drawing several thousand people.

“Then he left the next day and went directly to his mistress Liz Williams’ home in the Washington, D.C., area,” Duncan said. [Melody] “We have received information and believe that he continues to reside there,” the findings claim.

Melody Duncan has filed for divorce from her husband of 34 years, Congressman Jeff Duncan.
Congressman Jeff Duncan/Facebook

“[Melody] I am informed and I believe it. [Duncan’s] Extramarital affairs are well known in political circles in North Carolina and Washington, DC. ”

Since then, Duncan has allegedly begun spreading rumors that his 1988 marriage to Melody was plagued by lovelessness, “to justify the hypocrisy of his public statements and private actions.” ing.

Duncan allegedly admitted to Melody that he had an affair with Williams, but the scorned spouse believes there was at least another woman.

Jeff and Melody Duncan.
Melody claims Duncan had multiple relationships, including one with a DC lobbyist.
Congressman Jeff Duncan/Facebook

by US House of Representatives Lobbying Disclosure Pagea registered lobbying firm called Liz Williams & Company, which has seven clients, including Delta Air Lines.

The politician, who has served in the state’s 3rd House since 2011, touts himself as a champion of the nuclear family.

“As a lifelong social conservative, I strongly support pro-life and traditional family values.” He says this on the government page:

Jeff Duncan.
Duncan advertises himself as a “strong defender of life and traditional family values.”

“The most fundamental building block of our society is the family. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we protect America’s founding and the values ​​that have made this country great.”

Neither Melody’s attorney nor Duncan’s representative immediately responded to The Post’s requests for comment.

The divorce was first reported by the South Carolina Index Journal.

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