REPORT: Actress Playing Amy Winehouse Gets Support From Surprising Source After Intense Backlash

The father of famous singer Amy Winehouse rose to the defense of the actress playing her character in the upcoming biopic “Back to Black,” TMZ reported Monday.

Reports indicate Mitch Winehouse pushed back against online haters who claimed actress Marisa Abela doesn’t resemble the late Amy Winehouse, according to TMZ. Mitch reportedly argued that Abela is a great fit for the role, and said he was unfazed by the fact Abela isn’t able to perfectly mirror her physical likeness.

Fans and critics have been vocal about their discontent that Abela isn’t a pure doppelgänger for Winehouse.

Some critics wrote, “Nope,” while others said “the resemblance is not uncanny.” “Marisa Abela?? Even with the best make up and hair artists she still looks nothing like Amy!!! What’s going on??? Elvis .. nothing like him! Whitney ….nothing like her! Amy …. No! I hate this casting catastrophe? Money for nothing!” one fan wrote to Twitter. (RELATED: Lisa Marie Presley Became A Grandmother Shortly Before Her Death)

Haters called Abela a “low-budget Amy” and blasted the actress for failing to take on the likeness of Winehouse, but Mitch put the trolls on pause by defending Abela’s acting skills, and telling fans she doesn’t need to be a mirror image of his late daughter to represent her properly in the film, according to TMZ.

Mitch reportedly said too much emphasis was being put on looks, and he didn’t feel this was necessary. He also pointed out that Eddie Marsan, who is depicting him in the biopic, doesn’t actually resemble him at all, according to TMZ.

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