REPORT: Escort Service Is Sending Women To Davos At The Request Of Attendees

Attendees at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, are ordering escorts to come entertain them during their stay, according to a report from a popular Swiss news outlet.

The manager of the Aargau escort service told Swiss commuter newspaper 20Minuten that she’s sending women to Davos at the request of WEF attendees. She claimed that she has already received 25 inquiries and “assume[s] that there will be more.” The manager also claimed that 11 WEF attendees had already made a reservation and would be serviced by one of four women who charge 1500 francs (about $1,630) for four hours, with a full night costing 2550 francs (about $2,770), per the outlet.

WEF reportedly hosts some particularly demanding customers, including prominent politicians, businessmen and socialites, 20Min noted. “Our women have already been brought to Davos by diplomats and company bosses. Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite,” the manager of the escort service continued.

“But the customers are more demanding than our normal clientele. Above all, women with a model figure and top appearance are in demand,” according to the manager. (RELATED: The World’s Richest People Have A Plan For Food Shortages: The ‘Sniff Test’)

Other high-ranking women from the sex work industry corroborated the claims made by Aargau’s manager, stating that major events often create a large demand for sexual services, and that “WEF belongs in the category of such events,” 20Minuten reported.

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