REPORT: Famous Con Artist Plans To Speak With MBA Students At Harvard

Famous con-artist Anna Delvey is planning to address students in Harvard’s MBA class, TMZ reported Wednesday.

The convicted fraudster, whose real name is Anna Sorkin, was sentenced to four to twelve years in jail after being found guilty of numerous fraud charges in 2019, according to TMZ. She has already been released, and it is believed she has lined up a series of post-prison gigs, including a guest speaker stint at Harvard. It’s believed that the Harvard appearance is in the planning stages at this time, according to TMZ.

It is not yet clear what aspects of her life Delvey is planning to share with the students, or how she will attend the school while currently serving house arrest.

Delvey’s laundry list of criminal charges don’t seem to be holding her back from being placed in front of young, impressionable students.

The con artist’s criminal record includes 4 counts of theft services, and 3 counts of grand larceny. She allegedly carried out her crimes while disguised as a German heiress, and managed to swindle a number of wealthy people that were in some of the most elite circles. (RELATED: Jen Shah Sentenced To Six-And-A-Half Years In Jail For Fraud In New York)

She claimed to be an heir to a $67 million trust fund and managed to convince various investors to issue loans without securing collateral, according to Forbes.

Delvey’s schemed garnered $200,000 from banks, luxury hotels, restaurants, private investors, and a private jet operator, according to Forbes.

Her shocking story of intricately executed fraud was turned into the miniseries “Inventing Anna” and was featured on Netflix. It was an instant hit.

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