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REPORT: Group Demands That ATF Seize Congresswoman’s Guns Citing Illegal Drug Allegations

Left-wing activist groups have accused Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of using illegal drugs and are calling on authorities to confiscate her firearms.

American Muckrakers letter On June 23, he called on several federal and state officials, including ATF Director Steven Dettelbach and Colorado Attorney General Philip J. Weiser, to take action against the lawmakers.

The group, which describes itself as a watchdog group that holds politicians accountable, called for an investigation into the lawmaker’s alleged illegal drug use, citing a recorded phone call with Jessica Spaulding, “a former employee and school friend of Boebert’s,” in which the lawmaker admitted to using methamphetamine frequently. (RELATED: ‘I don’t have chlamydia’: 50 Cent strongly defends Lauren Boebert after photos of her with him go viral)

The group claimed Spaulding recounted an altercation in which Boebert brandished a gun and threatened him at a bar after he said he supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. “If you tell me you voted for Hillary Clinton, I’ll shoot you in the face,” Spaulding allegedly said.

They also mentioned a highly publicized incident in which Boebert was allegedly caught on camera smoking marijuana at a play in September 2023. The groups also alleged that the congresswoman has been involved in multiple domestic violence incidents over the past 15 years, the letter said.

The letter called on authorities to investigate the allegations, particularly those alleging that Boebert possessed illegal guns. The group said they should also investigate whether she used drugs while applying for a gun license, a crime similar to the crime Hunter Biden was recently convicted of. They argued that Boebert is a “ticking time bomb” and “should have her firearms confiscated.”