REPORT: Johnny Depp Is Dating His Lawyer, Joelle Rich — Not Camille Vasquez

Johnny Depp is reportedly dating his lawyer, but it’s not Camille Vasquez, with whom he was spotted many times in court earlier in 2022.

Depp is said to be dating Joelle Rich, an attorney who represented him in his libel trial against The Sun in the UK, according to Page Six. Sources close to Rich revealed she was previously married and is currently separated, but her divorce may not be completed as of yet, the outlet noted.

Rich did not represent Depp in his U.S. legal matters, but she was still present in court, according to TMZ.

It seems fans were correct when they believed Depp was dating his legal representative — they apparently just had their eyes on the wrong lady.

The romance rumors surrounding Depp and Vasquez arose during his defamation suit against Amber Heard in Fairfax, Virginia, according to Paige Six. Vasquez vehemently denied the rumors, calling them “sexist” and “unethical,” the outlet noted. The relationship that was allegedly forming between Depp and Rich apparently remained under the radar — until now. (RELATED: Johnny Depp’s Lawyer, Camille Vasquez, Is Set To Appear In His Upcoming Docuseries)


Rich and Depp’s relationship is “serious,” according to an insider cited by Us Magazine. Rich reportedly shares two children with her estranged husband.

“Their chemistry is off the charts,” the insider told Us Magazine. “It’s serious between them. They are the real deal.”

Rich and Depp’s relationship timeline remains unclear, Page Six noted. There are no confirmed reports indicating how long the two have been romantically linked to one another.

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