Report Suggests Biden Could Benefit If Fellow Liberals Sue Him To Stop Immigration Orders

A recent New York Times report suggested that liberal groups could actually benefit from suing President Joe Biden after he tried to take executive action on border issues.

As Congress continues to debate border issues, Mr. Biden is reportedly considering executive action to block asylum grants to people who entered the country illegally, people familiar with the talks said. new york times. It appears that Biden may end up exercising some of the same legal powers as former President Donald Trump, who was sued by many progressive groups during his presidency. (Related: Former Border Patrol and ICE officials refute claims that Biden doesn’t have the ‘power’ to secure the border)

An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told the NYT that there is a real possibility that the group could sue Biden if he takes executive action on the southern border, depending on the policy.

The NYT article suggests that engaging in legal battles over Biden’s potential executive actions could benefit the president by allowing him to further criticize Republicans for failing to address the border crisis. did. Biden has blamed Republicans and Trump for the dire conditions at the southern border, arguing that Republicans have not given him the legal authority through Congress to make substantive reforms.

“But a court battle, regardless of the outcome, could allow Mr. Biden to seek to neutralize one of his biggest political vulnerabilities: the chaos at the southern border,” the NYT wrote. “Republicans have repeatedly used the border crisis to portray Biden as weak on enforcement. A court battle would highlight Republicans’ refusal to give them the power to enforce at the border through legislation. You can shine a light on it.”

Democratic strategist Brad Bannon agreed with the report, telling the Daily Caller that such a scenario would be a “huge political positive.”

“I think from an obviously political standpoint, that scenario would benefit the president politically because he took executive action. The reality is, even if it gets blocked, it’s still good politics. .In fact, it might even be good politics if someone succeeded in stopping it,” Bannon told the Daily Caller.

During January, the number of migrants encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border reached a new record compared to the same month last year. Border Patrol recorded more than 176,000 migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in January. according to to federal data.

Biden initially introduced additional national security measures in October that provided $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, $14.1 billion in aid to Israel and $20 billion for border security. Congressional Republicans continue to debate border efforts, arguing that the Biden administration is inappropriately prioritizing overseas issues.

The move, which Biden is said to be considering, is similar to efforts made by former President Donald Trump, although it was struck down in court, the NYT reported.

“The court emphasized that the Trump administration cannot deny asylum solely based on the mode of entry,” ACLU attorney Lee Geraint told the NYT. “We hope the Biden administration does not consider repurposing this patently illegal and unworkable policy.”

Democratic strategist Leslie Marshall told the Daily Caller that she doesn’t expect Biden to take the same actions as Trump, saying she believes it’s in the president’s interest to take executive actions that won’t be challenged in court. He pointed out that he believed that.

“If I were to give advice to the president, it would be to look at the numbers, because you definitely can say, ‘Okay, here are the numbers.'” The numbers are down. This is something I have done further, but this cannot be done because Congress will not give the Border Patrol the funds to do so. And it’s like, “I’ve tried my best, but the reason we have three branches of power is because I’m not a dictator.” I don’t have a blank check,” Marshall told The Daily Caller.



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