Republicans Are ‘Comfortable’ with Biden Because He Is an Old White Man

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Republican supporters are “comfortable” with President Joe Biden because he is an older white man. said.

“Biden feels misunderstood, like people assume, ‘Oh, he’s too old,'” said anchor Joy Reed. he doesn’t know what he’s doing. ’ And he continues his delivery. I stumbled today, there must have been sandbags, Twitter and the right wing are in an uproar. It’s the most important thing in the world. First of all, at 76, Donald Trump is by no means young. And, as you know, it was the vanguard or someone who put the sandbags in front of him. I will trip in my own house. Why do you think Joe Biden is so furious with the right? Is it because he’s so normal? What do you think makes them crazy about him? “

Psaki said, “Joy, looking back at 2020, they were thinking about how to beat him. They can’t take him to extremes. They can’t make him really uncomfortable. I mean. , First of all, he’s an older white man, so you know a lot of people are comfortable with him, but I think they’ve also underestimated him many times. It’s not bad for Biden.I mean, it worked for him for a year and a half.He’s always been underestimated.That’s why he’s got a little bruise on his shoulder.It’s good for you.But I think they’re just trying to throw tons of spaghetti at the wall to bring him down, but so far they don’t quite get it.Speaking with a Republican strategist back in 2020 And they say, “We really don’t want Joe Biden because people aren’t scared of him.”

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