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Republicans ‘Don’t Want to Nominate People Who Aren’t Going to Fight’

Republicans “don’t want to nominate someone who isn’t going to fight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said. Breitbart News DailyHe sharply criticized the views of former House Speaker Paul Ryan (Republican-Wisconsin).

Host Mike Slater played footage of Ryan, who now sits on the Fox board, claiming that former President Donald Trump “could have cost us a lot of seats.”

“If you look at the numbers, it’s probably going to take a while. Trump lost the Senate twice. He lost the House,” he said, accusing Trump of pushing candidates in the primaries “who can’t win the general election.”

“We need legislators, not entertainers,” Ryan added.

“How many seats did Paul Ryan lose? Because last I checked, Paul Ryan screwed up on health care and lost the majority. … We’ve kind of lost our footing,” Gaetz said, noting that “the whole point of the Republican election was to repeal Obamacare” but Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) couldn’t do that and then blamed Trump.

“We don’t want to nominate someone who can’t win the general election, but we also don’t want to nominate someone who isn’t going to fight,” Gaetz said, refuting Ryan’s argument.

“What’s the point of winning a majority if all the people we elect want to do is stare at their nameplate and talk about how great they are,” Gaetz asked. “We want people who will fight on the border, fight on our budgets, fight on our bureaucracy. Paul Ryan never got around to it. Donald Trump is trying to do that,” Gaetz said, arguing that there’s no point in winning if they don’t do anything.


“I go a step further and say that if we had nominated Tim Scott, with his lovely smile, he might have won 60 percent of the popular vote and won 40 states. But he wouldn’t have saved the country. It would have been a hollow victory,” he said.

“I’d rather win with Trump at 51% than Tim Scott at 60%, because I want to do things that actually bring us secure borders, balanced budgets, and compliant bureaucrats,” the Florida congressman added.

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