‘Revisionist History’: Sparks Fly As CNN Host Spars With GOP Rep On Debt Ceiling Drama

Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota argues with CNN host Jim Shute over Wednesday’s debt ceiling negotiations, saying CNN anchor Jim Shute is pushing “revisionist history.” bottom.

“Regarding your party’s budget request here, what specific programs are you planning to cut?” Shute asked Johnson at the beginning of his appearance. (Related: ‘We have a lot of money’: Rand Paul refutes ‘totally dishonest’ debt ceiling doomsday story)

“That’s not the way to negotiate,” Johnson replied. “Actually, the law dictates that the president has to budget first. His team won’t meet the February deadline…I think this is step one. We need to put it in the room, it’s going to happen, and we need President Biden to agree to negotiate with him about the reckless spending that our country has made.”


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met with President Joe Biden on Wednesday to discuss the debt ceiling. according to McCarthy then said he and the president had found “common ground.”

The Biden administration has accused the Republicans of holding the economy hostage and has refused to negotiate to raise the debt ceiling from its current $31.4 trillion level reached on Jan. 19. They demanded that the limit be raised.

Sciutto pointed to spending under Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, arguing that the Republican Party did not “endanger” things. Trump worked with the Republican-controlled Congress to raise the debt ceiling in 2017, but there was some debate about including the Hurricane Relief Fund in the law.

“I love this revisionist history,” Johnson replied. “After eight years of Republican dominance in the House, at the end of those eight years, discretionary spending was lower than it was at the beginning,” Johnson said. Because there was a Republican president willing to work with them on some of these much-needed spending cuts, not Joe Biden, who he said would refuse and refuse to negotiate.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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