RFK Jr. lists voting address at Westchester home — that’s in foreclosure and neighbors have never seen him

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lists his residence as a voting address in tony Westchester County, but court records show the county is in foreclosure proceedings for nonpayment. be.

The independent candidate claims his voting address is 84 Croton Lake Road in Katonah, but he is not the owner of the $1 million delinquent property and it does not appear in resident searches. Even longtime neighbors and local residents never show up. Authorities were shocked at the idea that this was his home.

“No… he doesn’t live here,” a local police officer insisted on Sunday.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed a foreclosed Westchester County home was his residence. AP Photo/Jose Juarez
The house at 84 Croton Lake Road in Katonah that Kennedy listed as a place to vote. John Roca

But records obtained by the Post show that RFK Jr. also listed the same address as his “domicile,” or residence, on presidential nominating petitions filed in New Hampshire in recent months.

Voting records show that RFK Jr. used his New York address to vote in the primary and general elections in 2020, and in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, It turned out that he had voted in 2008 as well.

He also used his Croton Lake address to vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

The property’s legal owner is Barbara Moss, wife of Westchester physician Timothy Haydock, a longtime RFK associate.

Kennedy’s nomination petition lists the Katonah residence as his address.

Haydock and RFK Jr. served as groomsmen at each other’s first weddings, and RFK is Godfather to Haydock’s daughter.

In March, U.S. Bank Trust Company filed a foreclosure lawsuit in state Supreme Court against Moss, an interior and landscape designer, alleging that she owes him $46,106 plus interest.

A settlement conference is scheduled for June 7th.

“A mortgage foreclosure action has been initiated against you for property located at 84 Croton Lake Road, Katanah, NY 10536. Do not ignore this notice or any court documents you receive. You may lose your home. ” Ninth District Judicial District Court Judge Anne Minihan said in an April 26 notice to Moss.

A local police officer told the Post that Kennedy did not live at the home.

RFK Jr. and his campaign declined requests for comment from the Post. Moss did not respond to a Post request for comment.

Mr Kennedy’s brother Doug told the Post on Sunday that his brother had been living intermittently at the Croton Street address with friends Mr Haydock and Mr Moss.

“He lived with Tim and Barbara. He spent many years with them,” Doug said, adding that his brother also lives there while in New York. .

On Sunday, the house, a two-story upscale suburban home with blue shutters, a white fence and a chimney with a manicured lawn, was empty.

The package in the foreground was sent to Moss, who took out a $284,800 mortgage on the property in 1991 at an interest rate of 7.875%.

The legal owner of the house is Barbara Moss, wife of Kennedy’s friend Timothy Haydock. John Roca

Neighbors were surprised and amused that Kennedy was listed as a neighbor on voting records.

“We’ve lived here for about 12 years and it’s always been that way.” [Moss and Haydock]” said Kelly McGill, who lives next door.

When asked if he had seen RFK Jr., McGill replied, “I have not.”

But she wanted it to be that way.

“It would be really cool if he actually lived there,” McGill said.

Another neighbor, Darren Baker, who has lived on the block for five years, said of the highly regarded Kennedy residence: I did not understand. I am surprised. ”

The presidential candidate’s most recent addresses listed in the real estate search are 2975 Mandeville Canyon Road in Los Angeles and 124 Washington Street in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

RFK Jr. was recorded living at two different addresses on North Bedford Street and South Bedford Street in nearby Mount Kisco in Westchester County from the mid-1990s to 2014.