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RFK Jr.’s campaign raises $2.6 million in May

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign raised $2.6 million in May. According to federal documentsThis figure is much lower than that of either major party candidate and indicates his reliance on big donors.

May was the campaign’s sluggishest month of funding this year, according to federal campaign finance reports, and it also marked the first month in which Nicole Shanahan, a wealthy Silicon Valley lawyer and the campaign’s running mate, did not donate a significant amount.

Excluding Mr. Shanahan’s large donations to boost Mr. Kennedy, his fundraising totals were roughly the same as last month’s: Mr. Shanahan contributed about $8 million to the campaign in April, and the campaign raised a total of $10.7 million.

Those figures pale in comparison to those of President Biden and former President Trump, who reportedly raised $8 million at a single fundraiser in Virginia on Tuesday, while the Trump campaign, buoyed by the former president’s felony conviction, boasted $141 million in fundraising in May.

Kennedy’s campaign had $6.4 million in cash on hand as of the end of May, but it’s unclear how much Shanahan plans to donate. As a campaign manager, there is no limit to how much she can give to the campaign.

The campaign spent about $6.2 million last month, according to filings, much of it on consulting work with voting access groups. Kennedy has repeatedly said he is confident he will be eligible to vote in all 50 states before the November election.

Kennedy’s candidacy would add another challenge to what is already expected to be a close election between Biden and Trump. While Kennedy is unlikely to win the presidency himself, it’s unclear whether the environmental lawyer-turned-vaccine skeptic will siphon more votes from Biden or Trump.

He is unlikely to appear in the first presidential debate next week, which could limit his influence.

The Hill/Decision Desk average of national polls gives Trump a 0.6 percentage point lead over Biden, but when Kennedy is included, that expands to a 1.3 percentage point lead.