‘Rick & Morty’ Makes First Big Incest Joke of Season 7 — And It’s Between Rick and Beth

From the beginning, rick and morty ‘ is known for being a no-holds-barred show, and Season 7 is no exception. In fact, the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s hit animated show features yet another incest joke, this time between Beth and Rick.

Now, you might be thinking, “Wow, this is a new level of gore.” But in reality, it was pretty tame, which made it all the more interesting.

In episode 2 of the season, “The Jerick Trap,” Rick and Jerry discover that their bodies’ brains have been combined after a freak accident. That is, half of Rick is Jerry, and half of Jerry is Rick, and neither side is dominant.

“Our heads were a little confused, but we’ll get back on track,” the two explained to their families after learning of the situation. “We didn’t want to build a neural interface on an empty stomach.”

The incident occurs when Jerry goes to Rick’s to complain about his neighbor Gene stealing his pitchfork. In response, Rick insults Jerry’s intelligence, after which Jerry claims that Rick was “born smart.”

“I was born crying and angry, just like you,” Rick said as he activated the brain-switching machine. “So now that I’m the smartest man in the universe, will I be celebrated? No, I can check my brain privileges.”

Later, Rick wakes up in Jerry’s body and is shocked. The scientist picked up a gun and committed suicide. Unable to understand how Rick’s body functions, Jerry accidentally commits suicide through high-tech body modification. Later, Rick’s laboratory’s information system follows emergency protocols and brings them back together, but their brain matter is mixed up due to the explosion.

rick beth rick and morty
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Rick and Jerry and Jerry and Rick bond over their mutual concern for Morty’s health, much to Beth’s dismay as she realizes that they are wasting time before actually solving the problem.

“I thought two geniuses could put it together faster than one,” Beth commented as she entered the garage and saw them joking. “When did this start bothering you?”

Rick-Jerry pats Jerry-Rick on the back and explains, “I’m just having fun with my new friend, the cutie.”

Beth is furious and asks, “Who’s talking to me now?” Mostly fathers or mostly husbands? ”

“Oh, I’ve seen that website!” Rick Jerry makes an inappropriate comment.

“You know, I’ve been holding back for so long, I don’t know who to be angry at,” Beth says. “No one can come into my room or touch me until this is over,” I said as I left the garage.

rick and jerry rick and morty
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Both Rick and Jerry and Jerry and Rick express disgust at her comment and exchange sideways glances until a beat passes.Now, we don’t know if it was Jerry inside their body that showed interest or if it was someone else…but we do We know what the show was hinting at throughout the scene.

and rick and morty We’ve already introduced storylines like Jerry almost having sex with his mother, Beth having sex with an alternate version of herself, and Morty having a baby with his sister Summer, but this joke is a bit different from the show. was just another contribution to the very obvious obsession of . Incest.

It may be interesting, but it’s still concerning in the grand scheme of things. With other changes already impacting the show, including new voice actors for the two title characters, now seems like a better time than ever to slowly distance yourself from incest and find a new hobby. I think so.

rick and malty Season 7 premieres Sundays at 11pm ET on Adult Swim.

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