Riley Gaines 15 other women suing NCAA violating Title IX

When Riley Gaines began her journey as a competitive swimmer, there was little indication that her toughest battles would occur outside of the pool.

Gaines has been on a mission to protect the integrity of women’s sports after trans swimmer Leah Thomas stole the title from Gaines at the 2022 NCAA Championships. The effort then led to a lawsuit against the NCAA, along with 15 other female athletes, for allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports despite Title IX’s legal obligation to protect women. It developed into causing a problem.

Now, she joins Steve Diece to discuss where she currently stands in the fight.

“What do you want the NCAA to do about this?” [to the lawsuit]? ” Steve asks.

“What we’re complaining about is that the NCAA clearly and directly violates Title IX of the federal civil rights law, which was enacted in 1972 and prevents discrimination on the basis of sex,” Gaines said. he says.

“That is exactly what the NCAA has done and continues to do. They discriminate against us based on our gender. “They are failing in their most basic duties of ensuring safety and ensuring privacy in the undressing area,” she explains.

“To answer your question of what I would like the NCAA to do, here is one. [take] Responsibility, 2 [take] Taking responsibility, the three support the original intent of Title IX. ”

“[The NAIA] “We recently came out and said, ‘Hey, we’re not going to be part of this madness,'” Steve says. “Has your attorney indicated whether this supports your claim or case?”

“It certainly contributed to the case,” she said, adding that “NAIA overwhelmingly voted in favor.”[preventing] It’s huge for men to compete in women’s sports and vice versa. ”

What may come as a surprise to some is that Gaines actually expects the NCAA to make the right decision.

“I think they’re excited about our lawsuit, to be honest with you. They want to be able to say their hands are tied,” she told Steve, adding that the NCAA ” He added that he thinks they will vote on the rules in the next two weeks, just like the NAIA.

To learn more about this lawsuit and Riley’s experience, watch the clip below.

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