Rishi Sunak’s Impassioned Plea To Save British Democracy

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made an impassioned appeal to protect British democracy. (File)


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned that extremist groups were trying to tear the country apart and undermine its multi-religious identity, and made an impassioned appeal for Britain to protect democracy.

The British-Indian leader on Friday referenced his Hindu faith, stressing that Britain’s enduring values ​​are inclusive of immigrants of all faiths and ethnicities, and warned that peaceful demonstrations have been linked to extremist groups. He called on demonstrators not to be hijacked.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Rishi Sunak said: “The immigrants who came here have integrated and contributed. They have helped write the latest chapter of our island’s story. “I accomplished this without having to give up my identity.”

“You may be a devout Hindu and a proud British citizen like me, a devout Muslim and a patriotic citizen like many others, or a committed Jew and the heart of your local community. , all of which are supported by our established tolerance. , the Christian Church,” he said.

“But I am concerned that our great accomplishment in building the world’s most successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy is being deliberately undermined. There are forces that want to do this,” he added.

He claimed “beyond alarming” victory in Thursday’s by-election for controversial politician George Galloway in Greater Manchester after a campaign hinged on the divisive nature of the Israel-Hamas conflict. He gave a speech immediately after finishing his speech.

He said that in recent times Britain’s streets had been frequently taken over by small groups who were hostile to British values ​​and had no respect for our democratic traditions.

“Islamic extremists and the far-right feed and embolden each other, even though in reality these groups are two sides of the same extremist coin, they similarly believe that their violence “They’re both trying hard to pretend that they’re justified in … they both hate our pluralistic, modern nation,” he said.

The British Prime Minister stressed that both extremist groups are spreading the poison of extremism with the aim of destroying Britain’s credibility.

He added: “No country is perfect, but I am very proud of the good things our country has done.”

“I stand here as our nation’s first non-white Prime Minister and lead the most diverse government in our nation’s history, and I stand here to lead the most diverse government in our nation’s history, to reach out to people of every race, every faith, every background, no matter the color of their skin or the God they believe in. I am telling you that it is not the color or the divine difference. Where you are born determines your success, but only your own hard work and hard work.”

Rishi Sunak announced new measures agreed with the country’s police force earlier this week to combat any violence that threatens the safety of MPs and the ongoing protests in response to Israel. He reiterated his support for the Protocol. Hamas conflict. He said threats of violence and intimidation were alien to the British way and must always be resisted.

“I love this country. My family and I owe so much to this country. It’s time for us all to come together to fight the forces of division and defeat this poison. We must stand up to the extremists who want to tear us apart,” he urged.

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