Robert Kraft calls tenured Columbia professors one of the ‘biggest problems’ amid protests

New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft said Monday that one of the “biggest issues” facing his alma mater is his tenure at Columbia University following destructive anti-Israel protests on campus. He said it was the professors.

Mr. Kraft, 82, called on academics with secure jobs at Ivy League schools to be held accountable for inflammatory statements and lectures he claims indoctrinate students to hate Israel. .

“Instead of teaching how to think, our professors are trying to tell young people what to think,” the billionaire former Columbia University donor told Fox News host Sean Hannity. I told Mr.

New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft said Monday that the tenured Columbia University professor is one of the “biggest problems” facing his alma mater. fox news

“I think one of the biggest issues that we have to do something about is the actual tenure at these universities,” Kraft added. “A place where people can do things but not be held accountable.”

Kraft, who is worth $11.1 billion and is one of Columbia University’s most prolific donors, said earlier Monday that “remedial measures have been taken” to address the “vicious hatred” plaguing the Manhattan campus. The school announced that it would suspend financial aid until such time as possible. .

“We’re ruled by hate and intimidation,” Craft told Hannity about the current state of his alma mater, adding that when he was an undergraduate at Columbia University, “people wanted to listen, empathize, and care.” “It was a place where I could take care of myself.”

Anti-Israel and pro-Hamas statements by several Columbia faculty members, including Joseph Massad and Mohamed Abdou, were cited by members of the House of Representatives during a Congressional hearing on anti-Semitism on the school’s campus earlier this month. It was done.

While in office, Massad hailed the October 7 attack on the Jewish state by the terrorist group Hamas as “amazing” and “an amazing victory for the Palestinian resistance.”

Massive anti-Israel protests at Columbia University have shut down the university’s main campus and forced students to take classes online. james cavom

Abdou, a visiting scholar, declared on social media days after the attack that he was “cooperating with Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.”

Kraft said he is appalled by the level of anti-Semitism he has witnessed on college campuses since Oct. 7, 2023.

“I never thought I would find out what’s going on in America and what’s going on right now. It’s really heartbreaking to see that,” he said.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gather at an encampment on the lawn of Columbia University on Monday, April 22, 2024. james cavom

“We cannot allow this intimidation and hatred that pervades all of these universities to continue to grow and proliferate,” Craft argued.

The Patriots’ owner, who is Jewish, called on members of other “marginalized” communities to stand up and condemn anti-Israel protests.

“Ninety per cent of the people of this country are good people. They just have to be educated and we can’t leave them indifferent or misguided…They will remain silent. We must stand up and not stand still,” he said.

Kraft will give the opening remarks at the 2023 Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Cross Insurance Pavilion at Gillette Stadium. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

“It starts with Jews and then it affects all groups that feel marginalized, whether it’s black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, gay people. It will have a huge impact on the larger structure of this country, where people can do whatever they want.”

Kraft said he will continue to support the Columbia University Jewish Student Life Craft Center, which bears his name, calling it “a haven for professors and students who don’t feel safe” on campus. is.

Massive anti-Israel protests at Columbia University have shut down the university’s main campus and forced students to take classes online.

Ugly incidents occurred during the demonstrations, where participants could be heard shouting anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas chants.