‘Rocket Hobo’ Ozzie Osband celebrated on 321 Day in Florida

It was the party of the millennium.

More than 100 people descended on the Space Coast on Thursday for the annual “3-2-1 Day” and to honor the late “Rocket Hobo” responsible for the iconic 321 area code, which mimics NASA’s countdown sequence. gathered at.

This was the first time Robert “Ozzy” Osband was unable to attend the annual event, so organizers dedicated the event in his honor.

Robert “Ozzy” Osband is the creative genius who created Brevard County’s area code 321, inspired by NASA’s countdown sequence. WKMG News 6 Click Orlando

“People like Robert Osband pioneered the space age in their communities and helped inspire every generation to explore space,” said Gabriel Rothblatt, director of the National Space Association. Ta. In a statement.

“This is a special celebration for an extraordinary person.”

Mr. Osband, who died in August at the age of 72, was a space enthusiast and an avid member of the American Space Museum.

The Army veteran was well known in the Titusville area for broadcasting launches into space from his lawn chair at Space View Park, a green space 15 miles from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.

The self-proclaimed “Rocket Hobo” regularly broadcasts launches from Space View Park. Facebook/American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame

On such occasions, Osband always wore a green polo shirt, which he said symbolized “going to the launch.” It’s also where he distributed the “Rocket Hobo” patch.

He also made headlines for introducing Brevard County’s 321 area code in 1998, following a year-long campaign to honor the community’s connection to the space station.

According to the Space Museum, on November 1, 1999, Florida Governor Jeb Bush made the first official “321” call from Tallahassee to the Kennedy Space Center, with Osband sitting next to the deputy director and answering the call. It is said that

Osband was a dedicated volunteer at the American Space Museum. American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame

Osband also successfully contested the cell phone number 321-LIFTOFF.

Mr. Osband died of natural causes on August 6th after decades of working in the Florida space community.

Those celebrating Osband’s life were invited to watch SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch Thursday afternoon to send supplies to the International Space Station.

“That’s why he’s here,” Osband’s brother, Steve, said. “That’s why he’s here: another replenishment mission to keep these great big rockets in the air and human space a part of the human experience.” told News 6.

Steve said what impressed him about his brother was “dreaming, showing up, and experiencing what’s going on in the world.”