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Rockies incensed by umpire’s blown call in meltdown against Dodgers

Call it the “Mile High Screwjob.”

Rockies players, manager Bud Black and the team’s broadcast crew were infuriated Tuesday night when a check-swing miscall allowed Dodgers pitcher Teoscar Hernandez to hit a game-winning, three-run home run and send Colorado to a 9-11 home defeat.

The Rockies appeared to have won the game when Hernandez appeared to swing at a 1-2 pitch, but veteran umpire Lance Barksdale ruled his swing checked.

Hernandez homered in his next at-bat, and the Dodgers came back from a 9-4 deficit in the ninth inning.

“I saw the swing and it was a check swing, but I thought he went in,” Black said. From MLB.comwas infuriated by the missed call and was ejected.

The Rockies are not without blame, having blown a five-run lead in the ninth inning despite having a 99% chance of winning with one out. From Statcast:But they appeared to have suffered a terrible defeat on Tuesday night.

With the Dodgers trailing 9-8 and Hernandez with two outs and a runner on second, relief pitcher Victor Vodnik threw a high, 99.9 mph fastball that elicited a check swing from Hernandez and appeared to be giving it his all.

Hernandez took a check swing from the center angle. @Scotty_G6/X
Barksdale ruled that Hernandez wasn’t swinging. @Scotty_G6/X

Home plate umpire Will Little checked with first base umpire Barksdale, who called Hernandez a hold on a 1-2 pitch, shocking most of the non-Dodger crowd.

“He went,” “It was a big moment,” Rockies announcer Drew Goodman said.“Well, Lance Barksdale said no.”

Black yelled at Barksdale after the pitch, and while we’re not professional lip readers, it sounds like he called out “Fuck you” to the veteran umpire.

As a result, the manager was sent off.

Lance Barksdale stares down Bud Black while his manager yells at him. @Scotty_G6/X
Bud Black was ejected for disputing the call. @Scotty_G6/X

As if by some twist of fate, the next pitch, a 100.6 mph fastball thrown deep in the middle of the zone, landed in the bullpen in right-center field for Lockheed Martin, giving the Dodgers a commanding lead.

Goodman couldn’t believe the timeline of events.

“2-2, deep right-center field, that’s an out. Are you kidding me!” Goodman said. “I went from a strikeout to a three-run homer.”

Hernandez watches his home run take flight. Getty Images
Victor Vodochnik needed just one more hit to earn the save. AP

Rockies right fielder Jake Cave immediately turned around after the home run and pointed at Barksdale, expressing frustration that he didn’t strike out.

Cave reportedly had to be restrained by teammates afterwards.

“I was screaming [Barksdale] “A ball came out of right field during the inning,” Cave said, according to MLB.com. “But I got the last out and I was on base, and he looked me right in the face and said, ‘Cave, you’re nowhere near it.’ And I was like, ‘That’s it.'” [upset]. “

Jake Cave yelled at Barksdale for not calling Hernandez. @awfulannouncing/X

The Rockies put one runner on base in the ninth inning, but couldn’t match the Dodgers’ performance and suffered one of the worst losses for any team this season.

It was all because of a check swing that just didn’t go their way.