ROOKE: Can Americans Claim Moral Superiority While Being The Leading Exporters In Depravity?

The United States has enjoyed moral superiority over other countries across two centuries. Americans weren’t given this right. It was earned by heroically taming an unforgiving wilderness into a world power controlled by the people and then almost ripping itself apart, fighting brother against brother to rid it of the evils of slavery.

Our forefathers designed our republic to perfectly represent both the midwestern farmer and the east coast corporate executive. Americans fought on foreign lands to liberate the hopeless and bring peace where there has only been war. These acts by brave men turned America into the ultimate symbol of protecting the vulnerable.

So it’s shocking to see a man who lives in Qatar, a Muslim country that has recently been accused of using migrants as slave labor to build its World Cup infrastructure, lambasting Americans over their decline in moral standing. But that’s what happened when Dr. Nayef Bin Nahar responded to a viral tweet posted by American sports writer Grant Wahl documenting his experience being detained at the USA vs. Wales World Cup match for wearing a shirt celebrating homosexuality which is outlawed in the country.

“As a Qatari I’m proud of what happened,” Bin Nahar tweeted. “I don’t know when will the westerners realize that their values aren’t universal. There are other cultures with different values that should be equally respected. Let’s not forget that the West is not the spokesperson for humanity.”

Bin Nahar is wrong about the U.S.

Good or bad, the West is unequivocally the spokesperson for humanity. But, sadly, the U.S. has turned its back on the principles that made it worthy of the world’s admiration in order to pledge its unwavering fealty to all types of human depravity.

America creates and exports more porn than any other country. On top of a list of the nation’s most influential people are internet celebrities and the Kardashians (who only became famous after the clan’s matriarch sold her daughter’s sex tape to the highest bidder).

Our children are captured by sex and gender ideologies that want to surgically remove their reproductive organs and confuse sexual boundaries between adults and impressionable minors. (RELATED: ROOKE: Where Did All The Good Men Go?)

The U.S. government pushed masking and vaccine policies that destroyed the careers and often the lives of its citizens. It used power derived from COVID to arrest small business owners who refused to close their doors and kick out honorable military members objecting to the experimental vaccine.

If America wants to be worthy of being the beacon on the hill for other countries to aspire to, it needs a reckoning that requires a full stop to the assault on decency and morality. If the nation’s presence as a world leader is to continue, every generation must do its part in defending the powerless.

There is hope in the U.S. as Americans show their willingness to push back against the march toward moral indifference in order to safeguard American exceptionalism. You see this at city council and school board meetings where citizens are protecting the vulnerable and demanding change.

It’s not hard to see why America has, since its conception, been a light in a dark world. When the U.S. is at its best, it promotes strong families, communities and patriotism. If the nation’s intention is for that to continue, we have to prove the man from Qatar wrong by ending our relationship with the ideological cults holding our institutions captive.

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