ROOKE: Why Are So Many American Men Killing Themselves? The Answer’s Obvious

American men are committing suicide at higher rates than ever before in history, and it’s our fault.

44 out of 100,000 men are over 75 years old dedicated Suicide in the United States The odds are not much better for young American men, with more than 30 deaths per 100,000 between the ages of 25 and 35.

National Center for Health Statistics found The number of suicides in the United States will reach a record increase in 2022, with men having the highest suicide rate compared to women. These deaths decreased slightly in the youngest age groups, but rose sharply in all categories of men over 35 years of age.

It’s not difficult to understand why American men resort to suicide. Our society no longer gives them purpose. From the moment men are born, they hear feminists screaming about the inherently evil nature of humans. They learn early on that the world sees them as a harmful threat. Their only role in society is to support women. Other than that, their ambitions, hobbies and passions are meaningless.

A healthy society teaches people that this sacred creation must be stewards of this earth. Their ability to provide safety and protection gives women the freedom to find fulfillment and love.

Stop raising boys to be kind and start explaining that their duty is to lead with courtesy. Good men are a blessing to our sex, understanding that their purpose is to protect and care for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They have duties that are not only kind, but also mean and dangerous.

The answer to why more American men commit suicide each year is the same as why liberal women can’t find good men. Our society is so focused on enabling women to achieve everything that men can, that we abandon developing worthy men.

Liberal women are the first to notice the problem because liberal men experience the most abuse. Conservative boys aren’t raised to hate themselves the way progressives are. It’s easy to recall the viral video of a progressive woman complaining about the lack of progressive men she dates. These women are like perpetrators returning to the scene of the crime and pretending they have no idea what happened. (Luke: ‘Body Count’ controversy proves the childless feminist nightmare is yet to come)

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Our society has robbed men of their ability to fight for a cause.See how we treat former US Marines Daniel Penny. He saves passengers on a New York City train from a violent psychopath. He should have been given a parade of tickers and a key to the city, but instead New York City forces him to fight for his life in an unjust court system. When the men saw what happened to Penny, they made the logical decision to walk away from the fight, resulting in innocent people losing their lives.

We have consistently told men that there is no future for them except death. Their legacy supported patriarchy. Their fights were meaningless appendage-measuring contests. Women find them annoying and useless. It’s no wonder that as men grow older and their lives become less and less important to society, they become depressed or commit suicide. Why would we want to fight for a world that tells us we are meaningless?

As with all of our suffering, we don’t have to live in a world so dark that we see men this way. Our society should strive to bring them back to their original purpose, as ignoring the rising death toll is the only option.

Mary Rooke is a reporter for the Daily Caller and host of “Trad-ish with Mary Rooke.”

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.



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