Runner says NYC Marathon discriminated against her by not letting her wear colostomy bag in vest

A British woman withdrew from the New York City Marathon because she wasn’t allowed to wear a vest with her colostomy bag, and now she’s claiming discrimination.

Gail Redmon, a doctor from Flint, Flintshire, has to self-catheterize six times a day after multiple surgeries for endometriosis. BBC reported.

she has a stoma. A stoma is an opening that connects to the digestive or urinary system and allows body waste to be collected in a bag that is carried outside the body.

Over the past decade, Redmon continued to participate in several races with the help of aides.

“The New York Marathon has been on my bucket list for a long time,” she told the BBC, adding that the vest would allow her to safely compete in the Paris and London marathons.

Gail Redmon accused the New York City Marathon of discrimination after she was barred from wearing a special stoma vest and forced to withdraw from the race.
Instagram / Gail Lands

Redmon said she was thrilled when she received an email six months ago informing her that she was registered as a disabled runner for this year’s race, which will be held on Sunday.

She sent an image of her best to the organizers. The vest has a pouch on the back that holds a water bladder and a straw, allowing her to drink water continuously since her condition is prone to dehydration.

“When I go out for really long training sessions, I carry a lot of water with me,” she told the BBC, adding that the vest also has a pocket for stoma supplies.

The British runner, who is a doctor, said she now has to self-catheterize six times a day as a result of multiple surgeries for endometriosis.
Provided by Gail Redman
Redmon said she sent a photo of her vest to race organizers. The vest has a pouch on the back that holds a water bag and a straw, allowing you to drink water continuously.
Provided by Gail Redman

However, event organizer New York Road Runners informed Redmond that she would only be allowed to wear a waist belt, an aid that affects her stoma.

“I emailed them again and told them this is a disability issue and this is very important. If we can’t resolve something, we can’t participate,” she told the magazine.

The organization then sent her something like a clear backpack to carry water, but she said she couldn’t use it because there wasn’t space to carry her stoma supplies.

“The New York Marathon has been on my bucket list for quite some time,” she said.
Instagram / Gail Lands

A few days before the marathon, she received another email saying she could use a front water bottle inside her vest, but there was nothing written about where she could carry supplies, and she didn’t have to worry about running the race. The BBC reported that he had no choice but to abstain.

“I’m disappointed they couldn’t find a way to include me. I feel discriminated against,” she told the magazine. She said: “I have a recognized disability…The UK Equality Act, and as far as I know the American Disability Act, are very similar and say that reasonable accommodations should be made.”

“I met them halfway and tried to see what I could do. They provided accommodation, but it’s not the accommodation that suits me,” Redmond added. Ta.

Redmon said he used the vest to compete safely in the Paris and London marathons.
Instagram / Gail Lands

NYRR said in a statement to the magazine: “We are committed to ensuring that runners of all abilities can participate in our races, providing reasonable accommodations in accordance with local law and federal ADA guidelines, and ensuring that runners, spectators, and spectators feel safe and able to participate in our races. ” Volunteers and staff are safe. ”
It said it was a “best effort” to offer runners options such as purchasing two hydration packs, in addition to 20 hydration stations by course.

“It is unfortunate that her request is not consistent with local law enforcement regulations and she chose not to participate this year,” NYRR said, adding that hydration vests are on the list of prohibited items.

Redmon said she understands concerns about public safety after the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured 260 others.

“I think they were willing to discuss their concerns with the NYPD,” she said. “I have asked this question many times, [NYRR] I asked if they had any other suggestions to help me with this, but they didn’t offer any. ”

Redmon said she won’t be watching the popular Big Apple race because it’s “a little tough right now.”

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