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Russell Brand and ‘The Chosen’ Star Jonathan Roumie Discuss the Power of Portraying Jesus

Actor and comedian Russell Brand recently interviewed actor Jonathan Roomie, who is best known for playing Jesus Christ in the hit series. The Chosen OnesThere, Roumier spoke about what it means to him to take on the role of Son of God. Brand Local Pageteeth, The BallersRoomie was Brando’s body double, but Roomie’s role as Jesus was The Chosen OnesAnd they talk about how it has affected their relationship with Christ.

The Chosen Ones “‘Jesus Christ’ invigorated the Christian community like no other interpretation of the Gospels,” Brand said, pointing out other actors who have played Jesus including Robert Powell, Willem Dafoe and Jim Caviezel.

Brand also noted how “impossible” it is to play the role of Jesus, especially to capture both his humanity and divinity. He praised Rumi’s performance, noting that there are people, including himself, who can see Jesus’ face when they pray.

When asked about the challenges of taking on the role of Christ, Roumier said it’s natural for humans to want to give their savior a face.

“If we have a relationship with a Creator, and we want a relationship with a Creator, it’s a natural human desire to want to know who that Creator is,” Roumier explained.

“Since Jesus was alive, people have tried to portray Jesus as our Lord and Savior, because it gives us an opportunity to show what and who we base our belief systems on, so I think we need to have a face,” he added, especially in the age of film, television, social media and popular culture.

Roumier, who professes to be a Catholic, also spoke about how he grew closer to Jesus after assuming his role as the Messiah.

“The increase in my own personal practice and prayer life has been a direct result of spending more time with Jesus as the character that I play and represent on the television show,” he said, adding that this wasn’t happening before he took on the role six years ago.

He believes Robert Powell’s depiction of Christ Jesus of Nazareth It had such a traumatic effect on him as a child that he re-enacted the crucifixion.

“I can’t help but see this as a kind of manifest destiny, that God has a plan, whereby I am able to bring the teachings and concepts of faith, the importance of having a relationship with Christ and the necessity of spirituality to a global audience that needs something to hang on to in this very special day and age.”

“My preparation starts with prayer,” he added. “It starts with Mass, with confession, with Communion, and with a kind of spirituality where I cleanse myself so that I can be a greater, cleaner mirror, so to speak. It’s like wiping a dirty mirror and just saying, ‘Okay, God, let me reflect what you want to show the world, the qualities that you want people to feel from the portrayal of Jesus on the show, and let me be a mirror that reflects what you want people to experience.'”

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Milton Quintanilla A freelance writer and content creator, he is a contributing writer for CrosswalkHeadlines and the host of the For Your Soul Podcast, a podcast focused on sound doctrine and biblical truth. He holds a Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary.