Saying Bragg ‘Is Backed by George Soros’ Is an Antisemitic Attack

On Friday’s PBS Newshour, PBS Newshour White House correspondent and CNN political analyst Laura Baron Lopez said that former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters have faced “anti-Semitic attacks.” said to be involved. Backed by George Soros $1 million donation was Largest single donation Color of Change PAC for the period 2021-2022 $500,000 for Bragg’s campaign.

Rep. Baron Lopez said while discussing the potential for violence following the indictments and increased security in New York: Marjorie Taylor Greene, a House Republican and a big Trump ally, said she will be heading to New York on Tuesday for an arraignment. She tweeted it today, saying she was going there. Calling out protests, he called it a witch hunt in a tweet. And it also happens when Trump and many of his allies have used dog whistle attacks, anti-Semitic attacks — when they attack DA Alvin Bragg and attacks George Soros, who is Jewish, for saying he is endorsed. “

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