Scandal-Plagued Swedish Police Chief Found Dead in Home

Stockholm’s regional police chief Mats Lofving was found dead in his home on Wednesday after weeks of scandal over alleged sexual relations and misconduct with a female senior police officer.

Lofving, a longtime Swedish police officer, was found dead in his home on Wednesday night. On the same day, a report was released recommending his dismissal from his post due to alleged misconduct.

Dennis Johansson Stremberg, a spokesman for police reporting, commented on the incident say it: “Now it’s a case with a lot of question marks about what happened.”

“We don’t know what happened and we can’t say no crime has been committed. It’s a great procedure,” he added.

Wednesday’s report recommending Lofving’s dismissal came from an exchange Lofving had with Linda Staaf, the former head of intelligence at the Swedish Police National Operations Service (NOA), when he was serving as deputy chief of the national police, SVT. It revolved around sexual relationships. report.

There have been allegations as to whether the sexual relationship between the two influenced Staaf’s promotion to head of intelligence, and while the report states that Staaf is well-suited for the position, Löfving has accused her of He added that the pistol was nevertheless assigned to Staaf. Unauthorized carry one.

Deputy chief prosecutor Bengt Åsbäck announced on Thursday that the investigation into Löfving had been closed following his death. Close. “

The scandal is another problem for Sweden’s beleaguered police as they struggle to cope with rising levels of gang crime and deadly shooting violence across the country that broke records last year.

Christopher Bormann, who resigned from the Swedish police force last week, said of the issue: Now I realize this is not true and resigned last week. “

“As a police officer, me and my colleagues have come to dedicate our lives to putting people in jail, but when we have 10 people in line for every person we catch, more than ever. We recognize that prosecuting people from the

Swedish police have also struggled to recruit new officers, and in some areas there is a shortage of police officers capable of carrying out investigative duties, forcing them to rely on private investigators.

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