‘Scary’: Florida Alligator Discovered with Human Body in Its Jaws

On Friday, a man on his way to a job interview near a waterway in Pinellas County, Florida, made a horrifying discovery involving a 13-foot-long alligator and a dead adult alligator.

Authorities are investigating.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) officers arrived at the scene in the Ridgecrest area just before 2 p.m. after seeing someone. report According to Fox 13, a body was found trapped in the alligator’s jaws in the water.

Authorities killed the crocodile and removed it from the waterway, while PCSO dive team deputies recovered the adult’s body from the water.

image show A crocodile lies next to what appears to be blood on the concrete.

“Witnesses spotted this 14-foot alligator with its body in its mouth,” FOX 13 Reporter Said Friday. The media’s aerial video shows authorities surrounding the crocodile.

Witnesses who saw the crocodile rushed to a nearby fire station for help.

Jamarcus Bullard said, “On my way to a job interview, I always look in the lake looking for fish and stuff, and I found an alligator.”

“I noticed that there was a body that looked like a lower torso in the mouth, and after confirming it, I immediately rushed to the fire department and caught them. They confirmed that it was a body,” he added. Ta.

Currently, it is the medical examiner’s job to perform an autopsy and determine the cause and cause of death in a person who has not yet been identified.

Meanwhile, the neighbors Worried 10 Tampa Bay says areas near waterways can be dangerous.

“It’s crazy. My kids walk there all the time. So it’s really scary. Like I said, I’ve seen 4- to 5-foot alligators, but not that big.” There was nothing,” one woman told the magazine.

According to Fox 13, authorities are investigating the incident but have not yet released any additional information about the incident.

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