School board member accuses ex-chairman and district of ‘wrongfully’ banning parent — urges AG to take action

A North Carolina school board member has filed a complaint with the state attorney general's office after the former school board president and the school district “unreasonably” banned parents, according to a recent letter obtained by Blaze News. We are requesting that measures be taken.

What are the details?

on monday letter Onslow County School Board President Louis Rogers warned North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein about the school board, its former president, and parents who were allegedly illegally targeted by the school district.

“First, we would like to note that the opinions in this letter do not reflect the opinions of the Board of Education and do not represent any position of the school district,” Rogers' letter said. “However, I am writing this letter in my official capacity as an individual officer.”

During a February 2023 school board meeting, then-school board president Bill Lanier “engaged in conduct that required notification to the office,” Rogers wrote. He accused Lanier of “improperly ordering.”[ing] A sheriff's deputy accused a person of disrupting a board meeting and then called for that person to be removed from office. ”

“It has since been confirmed by eyewitness testimony, video recordings, and both myself and my colleagues that the person who made the statement was wrongly accused of making the statement.In defense of the excluded individual, the person who made the statement “I notified the chairperson that it was her, not me, and that individual would be removed,” Rogers explained.

As a result of the confusion, Mr. Lanier directed the entire row of parents to immediately leave the school board meeting, including those who did not interrupt.

Video from the February meeting showed Lanier kicking out attendees.

“Take those people in that line. Get them out of here because I'm not going to do anything like this in this forum. Get them all out and goodbye, see you later,” Lanier said. demanded.

School Board Meeting – February 7, 2023 – 6:00

Rogers said Lanier “made this decision without any good reason or cause,” and also accused the former president and the school district of being “targeted.”[ing] that individual. ”

during the subsequent meeting marchSchool Board member Angie Todd filed the following motion: banish lanier He expelled himself from his position, claiming that he had “excluded civilians without justifiable reason.” She also said Mr. Lanier failed to control her emotions to defuse the incident. Rogers seconded Todd's motion, and Lanier was later removed from his chair, but remained on the Onslow County Board of Education.

of forbidden parent Rogers said she was accused of making threats against school district staff and board members after arriving at the rally with a casket in the back of her truck. Rogers added that the person also brought a plastic knife, a college degree, a mason jar and a goodie bag containing chocolates.

“Before the meeting began, she explained the symbolism behind each individual board member and everything she brought to local news,” Rogers continued. “She was drawing attention to what she believed were security lapses that left multiple students injured and one stabbed to death in the district earlier this year.”

Ms Rogers said her parents' methods were “unconventional”, but her concerns were “warranted”. He also added that several board members were observed “casually talking” with her parents before the December and February board meetings, and “they even received a treat from her.” [sic] I took my bag and thanked her. ”

He claimed that Mr. Lanier, district Superintendent Dr. Barry Collins, and the board's attorney were all “involved in the decision to ban the individual.”

A lawyer for the school board previously argued during the trial: September regular meeting Parents said the ban was due to an “attempted attempt.”[ed] This is to intimidate board members. ”

“I believe your office needs to be brought to the attention of a constitutional rights violation that may not be addressed by the board or the school district. I urge your office to consider investigating this matter.” Mr. Rogers wrote to Mr. Stein.

Current school board president Ken Reddick told Blaze News that a letter of prohibition was issued to the person who was removed from the February school board meeting.

“The person you are asking about arrives at a board meeting with a coffin in the back of his car, hands bags containing replica weapons and funeral planning documents to all board members, and then issues a disbarment letter. “Based on concerns about these behaviors, consultation with law enforcement, and review of school board policy, a cease and desist letter was issued to the individual,” Reddick explained.

He also said the banned person “has not contacted me or the superintendent regarding a review of the decision.”

The Onslow County School District has repeatedly come under scrutiny from concerned parents who say the district is not adhering to its own safety and security policies, Blaze News previously reported. Community members also expressed concern that the district did not promptly notify parents about incidents on campus or incidents involving students.

In November, a number of parents spoke on the record to Blaze News about their concerns following the incident. student shooting incident It was held in August across the street from White Oak High School. fatal stab wound It happened last year at Northside High School. Many parents and community members have repeatedly expressed their concerns to the school board at monthly meetings, but feel their grievances have been largely ignored by the administration.

anything else?

On Monday, school board members Rogers and Todd community town hall There, parents and other members of the public were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on improving school safety. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Todd attended as individual members and not on behalf of the Board.

“The purpose of this town hall was to allow community members to have their concerns heard in a welcoming and encouraging environment,” Todd told Blaze News. I believe this has provided us with a foundation for future development.” It's a new year. We are planning to hold another conference on the same platform after the holidays. ”

“The most important thing was to provide a forum for discussion, rather than a formal meeting with one-sided statements,” Todd added.

When asked to comment on the incident, Rogers told Blaze News: “My attendance at City Hall was solely to listen to the residents in attendance and provide factual information. “During my attendance at City Hall, I did not perform any official acts, nor did I personally engage in any such acts.” Act on behalf of the board or district. ”

Rogers said the turnout was “amazing,” with approximately 55 people in attendance, including parents, teachers, students, citizens and elected officials.

“Many noted that it was the first time they actually felt heard. There were also moments where teachers were talking to parents, something that is rarely seen outside of a school setting. No,” he said.

Rogers plans to ask Reddick to approve the creation of a “district parent advisory committee.”

“I will ask [Reddic] I will chair this committee so that organizations and parents in the district have a seat at the table. “The North Carolina Parental Bill of Rights makes this a very necessary application to the Board,” Rogers continued. [the town hall’s attendees] This is all subject to approval by the Chairman of the Board as no commitments were made and I was only there to provide information and take questions back to the Board. ”

in a statement Provided to Blaze News last month“Recent local events have started a dialogue within our community about the importance of issues related to school safety,” said Brent Anderson, chief communications officer for Onslow County Schools. Sheriff’s Office, and the Jacksonville Public Department,” it said in part. When it comes to safety, we agree that there is no greater priority for our community than the safety and security of our students, staff, and citizens. ”

Lanier Schools, Onslow County Schools and the North Carolina Attorney General's Office did not respond to requests for comment from Blaze News at the time of publication.

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