School Decisions to Teach Children About Anal Sex Sparks Review

The UK will soon set up an expert review panel on sex education in schools after reports that children were being taught about oral and anal sex.

A review of sex education guidelines in British schools will reportedly be carried out to ensure that children in the country are not taught “offensive or inappropriate content”.

This follows numerous reports that young students across the country were being taught about a variety of explicit subjects, including anal sex, oral sex and transgenderism.

according to report To GuardianUK Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said the reports prompted the review and said the current Conservative government was just as surprised by the incident as parents were.

“The welfare and protection of children is our absolute priority and I share the concerns of parents and teachers about reports of inappropriate teaching in schools,” she said. rice field.

“Reviewing the statutory guidance with the help of this expert panel will provide clear safeguards against being taught concepts that are too young or age-inappropriate for children to understand. ‘ she added.

The committee selected to consider the issue, made up of health and legal experts, as well as a number of government officials, is primarily tasked with advocating for states to impose strict age limits on specific sex education topics. It is said that it is to confirm whether it will be compulsory.

At the time of writing, the quality of sex education in the UK is wide-ranging, with some young children being taught only subjects such as anal and oral sex in schools.

Issues surrounding transgenderism are also taught in some institutions, encouraging children to believe that different genders exist and that such concepts are not limited to human sexual characteristics. reportedly being taught.

The discovery of such an extreme school curriculum has horrified many parents across the country, with even UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak saying he is concerned as a parent about what his children are being taught. rice field.

“These materials are obviously sensitive. I speak first and foremost as a parent, not as a politician,” he said in March.

“It’s important that it’s age-appropriate and that parents know what’s going on and have access to those materials,” Sunak added. “If it’s not happening, we need to make sure it’s happening, and that’s why it’s right to review the situation appropriately.”

The government review is expected to be completed by the end of September.

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