Schools Knew About Antisemitism on Campus Before Attacks and ‘Tolerated It’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said university presidents were concerned about anti-Semitism on campus long before Hamas’ attacks on Israel. He knew that “the squeaky wheel had oil on it, and the Jews tolerated it.” They don’t complain as much as other groups. The university therefore applied a clear double standard. ”

host Greta Van Susteren asked.[W]We see a lot of what’s happening on these campuses. But did the leaders of these universities, their presidents and professors, know about all this hatred before October 1st? ”

Dershowitz replied: “Oh, of course they did, and they tolerated it, because squeaky wheels get oil, and Jews don’t complain as much as other groups.” So the universities You applied an obvious double standard. As a supporter of the First Amendment, a civil liberties advocate, and a lover of the Constitution, let me make my views clear. I would like to know the names of all the students who participated in signing the statement condemning the horrific attack on Israel. I would like to see their names published. …That’s not a leak of personal information. That’s not McCarthyism. That’s transparency. That is the essence of the First Amendment.I will also personally participate in the naming and promotion. [of] The names of these students. Let them follow me around Harvard and show some sympathy for the people who were murdered, raped, and robbed. ”

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