Secret Service Encounters Tiny Intruder After Breach At White House

A toddler climbed through the White House fence on the north side on Tuesday, prompting the Secret Service to retrieve the child.

Officers from the Secret Service Uniform Division walked across the north lawn to retrieve a small intruder running on the property, Associated Press reportAccess to the complex was temporarily restricted until officers reunited the child with his parents.

“The Secret Service Uniforms Division encountered a curious young visitor along the north fence line of the White House today and briefly entered the White House grounds,” said a Secret Service spokesman. Anthony Griemli said Said“The White House security system immediately activated Secret Service personnel, and the infant and parents were quickly reunited.”

A similar incident occurred in 2014 under former President Barack Obama’s administration, when a toddler crashed through a 13-foot fence while the former president was about to address the nation about Iraq. Another small intruder broke into the property in April of 2014. according to to Fox News. (Related: Biden tells teachers that kids are like you when they’re in the classroom)

The National Park Service and the Secret Service have been working since 2019 to double the size of the White House fence to prevent future violations, according to the Associated Press. There is a total of 5 1/2 inches of space between each picket.

Some older children and protesters were stuck among the pickets, the outlet reported.

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