Secret Service puzzled by intervention in Hunter Biden gun probe

Members of the Secret Service were baffled by the agency’s alleged involvement in investigating a gun that belonged to Hunter Biden, who was allegedly trashed by his then-girlfriend in 2018. A new email revealed.

As former Vice President, Biden and his family did not have Secret Service protection at the time of the “alleged incident.”According to an email obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, by non-commercial judicial oversight.

After Joe Biden took office, the agency contacted the White House and produced a public statement claiming it had “no involvement in this alleged incident,” the emails show.

In October 2020, an agent with a redacted name shared a link, The Blaze article Information shows about incidents in email chains with other agents.

“Oh my god…” the agent pointed out.

“Did you mean we were asked as a favor?” another agent called out.

A video was recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing him naked and pointing a firearm.

The thread’s third responder said, “It’s kind of strange that neither Hunter nor Joe were involved in the investigation of the missing gun when they weren’t under USSS protection at the time.

Hunter’s 2018 gun purchase is believed to be part of a long-running investigation into his personal and professional activities by the Justice Department. Led by lawyers.

In federal transaction records documenting gun purchases, Hunter Biden was asked, “Are you an illegal user or addict of marijuana, or depressants, stimulants, narcotics, or other controlled substances?” I answered, “No.” His drug and alcohol abuse during this period has been abundantly documented in news reports.

Hunter’s girlfriend at the time, Harry Biden, allegedly threw the gun into a trash can across from the local high school, fearing Hunter would kill himself. Reported by Politico March 2021.

A hunter purchased a handgun at the StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply Store.
Emails have surfaced revealing that the Secret Service claims they were not involved in the shooting.

Local police launched an investigation after Harry returned to retrieve the pistol and discovered that he had gone missing.

The Secret Service was also reportedly involved in the fray, contacting the gun store where Hunter purchased the gun and asking for sales paperwork.

The store owner, Ron Palmieri, refused to comply, but eventually turned over the documents to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“The Secret Service is tight-lipped about what they did to Hunter. I believe Hunter when he says the FBI and the Secret Service intervened on his behalf,” said Judy. Shall Watch president Tom Fitton told the Post.

“In my view, this is another seaming example of Hunter and Biden being cared for and protected from the consequences of bad behavior.

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