Security Cam Shows UFC Champ Sean Strickland Holding Trespasser at Gunpoint in Front of His Home

It’s never a good idea to trespass on someone else’s property. Trespassing on the property of the undisputed UFC middleweight champion is even less of a good idea.

Dramatic security video recently released shows UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland confronting a man at gunpoint in front of his Las Vegas home.

On Monday, Strickland posted a video to her Instagram account. The footage shows a man walking down Strickland’s driveway and crouching between two cars. In the next frame, Strickland himself is seen exiting the house and striding purposefully toward the driveway. Another man in a red shirt joins Strickland in confronting the trespasser, who is now fleeing on the street. Strickland walked up to the man, pushed him to the ground, told him to “shut up” and pointed a gun at him.

Here’s what Strickland had to say about the incident in his Instagram caption:

Here’s what I know….

The man was drunk and stomping on a girl when a security guard saw him, jumped into his car and drove away. A security guard chased him, crashed into a curb, tore the tire completely, drove on the rim for a while, then jumped off and tried to hide in my house. At first I thought he was stealing my car.

he was arrested

There’s something poetic about the story of a man who allegedly punched a woman, ran, and found himself on his back staring into the barrel of a UFC middleweight champion’s gun – like today’s feel-good story. Thing.

Strickland will defend his middleweight title against South Africa’s Drikas du Plessis at UFC 297 on January 20th.



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