Security video captures terrifying shootout between bus driver and passenger who was allegedly angry over missed stop

Traffic officials said a fight over a wrong bus stop sparked a horrific shootout between drivers and passengers, the entirety of which was captured on security video.

The tragic incident happened on May 18 when a passenger approached the driver on a bus in Charlotte, North Carolina.

An official with the Charlotte Area Transit System said Omari Tobias got into an argument with her driver, David Fraud, and demanded that she be allowed to leave the bus between stops.

Security video shows Tobias pulling out his gun, then Furard pulls out his own, shattering the Plexiglas barrier between them with bullet holes. It is unclear from the video who fired first.

Other passengers are also seen rushing to the ground to avoid gunfire.

Mr. Jurad was seen chasing Tobias as he crawled off the bus and continued shooting.

Both were seriously injured, but have been hospitalized and are expected to make a full recovery.

Mr. Julard is no longer working with the city bus company, which alleges he violated its policy on carrying a weapon.

“We don’t want anyone with weapons in our vehicles,” said Brent Cagle, interim CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System.

Kegl went on to say that it was standard driver procedure not to let passengers off the bus between stops, but that was at the driver’s discretion. He also said that Mr. Jurad did not use the various warning devices provided to drivers for these altercations.

Attorney Ken Harris, who represents Mr. Fradd, said he has been involved in transportation systems for 20 years.

Before losing his job, Harris said: “He loves his job and wants to keep it. We want to make sure we address any issues that may arise in connection with this incident. ‘ said.

Harris said drivers fear violence in the workplace.

“There have been many incidents of drivers being assaulted, shot and shot dead,” he explained.

Tobias faces several charges in connection with the incident, but it is unclear if Jurad faces any charges.

Here’s the video of the showdown:

Horrible bus shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina l

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