Self-help guru to the stars Jay Shetty lied about his past: report

Jay Shetty, the self-help podcaster and best-selling author who was bought a spot in Hollywood to officiate the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, plagiarized social media posts and made his way to stardom. One accuser reported that he lied about important aspects of his life while climbing the mountain. Expose.

Shetty, the author of the best-selling books “Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day” and “The 8 Rules of Love: How to Find it, Keep It, and Let It Go”, is the author of three books. falsely claimed to have spent the money. He spent many years in temples in India, According to a report in the British newspaper The Guardian.

The host of the popular podcast On Purpose, whose guests include Michelle Obama and other celebrities, also hides his past relationship with a Hare Krishna sect who has been accused of child sexual assault and corporal punishment. . It was reported.

Best-selling author and self-help podcaster Jay Shetty plagiarized social media posts and misrepresented portions of his biography, according to reports. Reuters

The report alleges that Mr. Shetty also appears to have misrepresented certain aspects of his biography, including an anecdote about how his life changed after attending a lecture by a monk when he was 18 years old.

Shetty’s resume includes a degree in behavioral science from a business school that does not offer it, the Guardian reported.

Shetty recently appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s musical film feature ‘This is Me… Now’. film magic

The report alleges that Ms Shetty’s life coaching school, Jay Shetty Accredited School, charges thousands of dollars while offering students a ‘placement agreement’ with a UK university upon admission. Both deny any relationship with the school.

Although Shetty advertises himself as a “Vedic monk,” he is a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, a movement that attracts followers as a way to avoid drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and other vices. I didn’t mention the years I grew up with. He reaches spiritual enlightenment.

During the 1970s and 1980s, children sent to boarding schools run by the movement in the United States and India were reportedly subjected to widespread physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.

Shetty also officiated at Lopez’s wedding to her husband Ben Affleck. AFP (via Getty Images)

According to the Guardian, Shetty does not emphasize this aspect of his spiritual upbringing, espousing a secular spirituality that relies on “pop psychology.”

Shetty said he was an ordinary British man of Indian descent who was on the verge of entering the corporate world while attending business school.

However, after a lecture from a monk, he abandoned that path in life and ended up living as an ascetic for three years as a penniless spiritual student in India.

A spiritual and religious epiphany he experienced at an ashram on the outskirts of Mumbai led him to spread the gospel to the masses, resulting in the formation of his media empire.

Mr Shetty’s ex-girlfriend also disputes some of the claims. She told the Guardian that Shetty spent most of those three years as a monk in Watford, a town outside London, and only made occasional visits to India.

Mr Shetty’s lawyer told the Guardian that Mr Shetty’s time as a monk began in May 2010, when he moved into Bhaktivedanta House in Watford. Three months later, he moved to India, according to his lawyer.

Shetty claims to have spent three years as a monk in India, but a new report says he spent most of that time in a monastery outside London. film magic

“Mr. Shetty was encouraged by his monastic leaders in India to spend his time serving the community in which he grew up, so Mr. Shetty spent most of his time, including returning to the Bhaktivedanta residence. spent time in India,” the lawyers said.

During his time as a monk, Mr. Shetty “travelled and lived in India, England and Europe,” his lawyers said.

The Guardian also cited an interview Shetty gave to an ISKCON-related news site, saying that blogs, videos, social media posts, and “university presentations” were among the ways he approached the “Apple generation.” Masu.

But Shetty’s lawyer denied that his client’s aim was to “convert people to ‘Krishna consciousness'”.

Shetty is the bestselling author of “Think Like a Monk.”

His book, Think Like a Monk, is a way for him to “share the ancient wisdom he learned as a monk in a practical, accessible, relevant, and transformative way.”

After his experience at Iskcon, Shetty gained a huge following on Facebook and YouTube by posting self-help content.

However, much of the content is written by Iskcon youth and Shetty is not credited.

Shetty also had content posted by Iskcon members who were not compensated for their work, the report alleges.

According to Shetty’s lawyer, Shetty asked and encouraged his friends to post, share, like and subscribe to his content.

“Several friends helped Mr. Shetty with the filming and editing. Mr. Shetty provides information to individuals and organizations to be compensated for posting, sharing, liking, and subscribing to his content. We have not made any promises or representations.”

The Post has reached out to Shetty for comment.



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