Self-professed healer Hongchi Xiao charged in death of grandmother at ‘slapping therapy’ workshop

A self-proclaimed alternative therapist has been charged in connection with the death of a British grandmother during a “slap therapy” workshop several years ago.

Daniel Kergum, 71, was found dead in his room in Cleevehouse, Wiltshire, on October 20, 2016. She had attended a Paida Radin therapy workshop in hopes of finding an alternative treatment for type 1 diabetes. The Telegraph reported.

“Paida Razin” is a synthetic Chinese method of repeatedly slapping the patient or slapping oneself, presumably to draw out toxins, or “sha,” from the blood, the outlet said. explained.

This session was hosted by Hongqi Shao, 60, founder of Pailara Institute and author of Heal Yourself Naturally Now, which discusses the benefits of Paida Razin as a way to promote blood circulation and draw out blood toxins. The paper explained that it was run by

Hsiao, of Cloudbreak, California, was arrested on Thursday upon his return to the UK from Australia on an extradition warrant and charged with gross negligence manslaughter in connection with Kerr Grom’s death. Wiltshire Police announced.

Daniel Kergom died during a slapping workshop in October 2016. Carr Gom Family /

He is due to appear at Salisbury Magistrates Court on Friday, the force confirmed.

The Pailara Institute, which boasts that its mission is to “make our world a healthier place,” did not respond to The Post’s request for comment on Hsiao’s arrest.

Kerr Grom was always looking for alternative ways to treat her diabetes because her fear of needles made it difficult for her to inject insulin, her son Matthew told the Telegraph.

Mr Hsiao will appear in Salisbury Magistrates Court on Friday.

“She was always keen to find alternative ways to treat and manage diabetes and was very interested in alternative medicine and holistic medicine and therapy,” explained Matthew, who lives in New Zealand.

“I know she was desperate to cure this disease on her own. She has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and is a firm believer that nothing can stop you from living a fulfilling life.” I was there.”

Kerr Grom documented his decision to attend the $951 course on his blog, in which he said that the one-week workshop in October was the second one that Hsiao had attended that year. , The Telegraph reported shortly after her death.

Mr Kerr Gomme was attending a workshop at Cleeve House at the time of his death. Henry Nichols

As a result of the first session in Bulgaria, “large areas of the body were bruised blue, indicating that a large amount of ‘sha’, or poisoned blood and toxins, had been released,” the 70-year-old man said. he wrote in one post, the media reported. .

Kerr Grom also underwent “razin,” a forced stretch on a hard bench, which she recalled was “agonizing and felt like an eternity.”

Shortly before her death, Kerr Grom told readers that she stopped taking insulin for two days, but restarted it when her blood sugar levels “spiked.”

Her son said Kergom was trying to find alternative treatments for diabetes. Carr Gom Family /

“My hope is that a second, and perhaps third, group workshop will help cure me completely,” she wrote.

At the time of Kerr Grom’s death, Matthew called his mother a “victim of false hope.”

“If she hadn’t gone down this path, I’m sure she would still be alive today,” he lamented to the Telegraph.

Before Ker Grom’s death, Hsiao had also been questioned by Australian authorities over the death of a seven-year-old diabetic boy in Sydney, the newspaper reported.

Hongqi Xiao, founder of Pailara Institute and author of “Heal Yourself Naturally Now,” was arrested in connection with the incident.

The slap method has often been criticized for having no scientific basis, even though Hsiao claims it can treat everything from body pain and cancer to Alzheimer’s disease and paralysis. the BBC said.

“Paida Radin is extremely dangerous. We strongly advise people not to take part in this dangerous activity,” Martin Ledwick, head of information nursing at Cancer Research UK, told the Telegraph in 2019.

“There is nothing more to worry about when you see it advertised as a substitute for a doctor’s visit, and its claims about cancer have nothing to do with scientific fact,” he warned.

Seven years later, Matthew Karglom regretted that his mother missed out on so much.

“For the last few years my mother was living in a nice house with her partner and traveling the world. She still had a lot of life left in her,” he told the Telegraph.



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