Sen. Julia Salazar fires aide after anti-Israel tweets

State Sen. Julia Salazar’s chief of staff, who praised Hamas on a private social media channel in the wake of the terrorist group’s deadly invasion of Israel, was fired Monday morning.

Sarah Campbell, Salazar’s communications and policy director, was told Monday she could resign or be fired before being finally removed, a decision made by Senate Democratic leadership. a former staffer told the Times Union.

Hours after news broke on Oct. 7 of a Hamas raid on Israel that killed at least 1,200 Israelis, Campbell wrote to X “by any means necessary.”

“After decades of violent occupation, is armed resistance justified?” she wrote on October 12.

She continued, “I’m not blaming Hamas, I’m blaming Israel. Who is more ruled by fear, Hamas for all its existence, or Israel for just the past 30 days?” Which group massacred more civilians? Displaced millions? Bombed hospitals? Killed premature babies? Starved entire populations?”

The Brooklyn Democratic Party fired a staffer after learning of private social media posts.
X @srh_cmpbll

Campbell said he gave Salazar access to his social media accounts and that the comments were posted on private channels that are not visible to the public.

Campbell’s X account is private, but the Post was able to obtain screenshots of her posts.

Sarah Campbell, Salazar’s former director of communications and policy, was fired on Monday.
On the same day that Hamas launched its deadly invasion of Israel, Campbell wrote to X “by any means necessary.”
X @srh_cmpbll

“I had no problem speaking directly on Twitter,” Campbell told the paper, adding that he recently had a positive performance review with the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

“I’ve never been told that my personal beliefs matter. I’ve never been told that I should tone it down.”

Salazar, a democratic socialist, called for a ceasefire while trying to quash the left’s most extreme rhetoric about the war.

Campbell told the Times Union that he recently received positive reviews for his performance.
Salazar, a democratic socialist, called for a ceasefire while trying to quash some of the left’s most extreme rhetoric about the war.
William Farrington

“Some on the left…erroneously trivialize or intentionally ignore the horrific crimes against Israeli civilians by Hamas militants,” she wrote. Jacobin treatiseSocialist Magazine.

Salazar said this likely happens because the left seeks to maintain “an impossible image that Palestinians are incapable of gratuitous violence.”

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“But the reason Palestinians deserve to be released is not because they are total victims,” ​​Salazar continued. “There is no such thing as a perfect victim. Rather, Palestinians are human beings and should be freed.”

In response to the Post’s initial reporting on Campbell’s social media posts, the Brooklyn Democrat defended Campbell’s office, calling the former staffer’s posts “reckless and completely unacceptable.” .

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“It’s too late at night to fully address this sarcastic hit article about a social media post posted by a staff member to a personal locked social media account without my knowledge. Her personal thoughts are not mine. and does not reflect me or my office in any way,” Salazar wrote.

“Those who know me know that I take my role as a public servant seriously. I do my job thoughtfully and choose my words carefully,” she continued. “I’m not going to allow anyone to wrongly impose the reckless and completely unacceptable words of others on me or my office. I want nothing to do with that.”