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Sen. Markwayne Mullin Challenges Teamsters Leader to MMA Charity Fight: ‘Anyplace, Anytime’

Oklahoma Republican Senator Mark Wayne Mullin said he was the chief executive of the Teamsters union, as arguments between the two have been simmering for months after they had a heated row at a Senate hearing in March. (CEO) in a mixed martial arts (MMA)-style battle over charity.

On Monday, the former MMA fighter challenged himself to a cage match after Teamsters Guild president Sean O’Brien derided him as a “greedy,” “clown” and “cheater.”

“Please stop acting hard at Senate hearings. You know where you can find me. Cowboy anywhere, anytime,” the Teamsters president wrote Wednesday.

In response, Mullin, who filled the vacancy of Senator Jim Inhove in the state primary, accused the “high-profile union teamster boss” of “trying to bully him after the Senate hearings.” .

“Okay, I accept your challenge. MMA fights are for a charity of our choosing,” Malin wrote. “September 30th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

“We will give you three days to accept it,” he added.

This issue follows the feud O’Brien and Mullin’s relationship in recent months included a heated exchange at a U.S. Senate hearing in March, during which the Teamsters president called Mr Mullin a “greedy CEO”. called.

Mullin, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Work and Pensions Committee, called attention to Mr O’Brien’s salary and explained the union threats.

“What kind of jobs have you created other than siphoning other people’s salaries?” he charged.

talk Fox Across America with Jimmy Feira Marin on Monday explained Calling O’Brien a “thug boss” and his decision to take the fight to O’Brien for charity.

“He says the union is a fighting organization….he thinks the mob spirit should go back to Teamster [and] He and five of his immediate union members have been charged with extortion.”

“They’ve been threatening all sorts of people. They’ll slash car tires, so they’re really absolute thugs,” he added.

The senator also noted that things were “a little sidetracked” at the hearing and expressed his contempt for bullies.

“I never liked bullies,” he said. “I grew up with a speech impediment, so I couldn’t argue with you, so I had to learn how to fight it right away.”

“So bullies hold a special place in my heart, and this guy popped out of his mouth and said, ‘Anytime, anywhere, cowboy.'” I’ve been ignoring him ever since, but finally said, ‘Enough is enough,'” she added, emphasizing her belief that “this bully needs to be taught a lesson.”

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