Senate ‘Most Privileged Nursing Home In the Country’ After ‘Sad’ McConnell Freeze

Republican Presidential Candidate Former Governor Nikki Haley (R, South Carolina) froze during a press conference with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Kentucky) on FNC’s “The Story” Thursday He said the Senate was “the strongest” after what appeared to be. It’s the best retirement home in the country. “

Hailey said, “It’s sad. In the same way we feel good about seeing Diane Feinstein, we shouldn’t feel good about seeing a lot of things going on and the decline of Joe Biden. I mean, the Senate is the richest nursing home in the country right now. McConnell has done some great things and he deserves credit, but you have to know when to leave.”

She added, “That’s why I strongly support term limits in this country. I think people over the age of 75 should be tested for mental ability. People over the age of 50 should be tested.” I don’t care either, but these people are making decisions about our national security, they’re making decisions about our safety, the economy, they’re on our borders. We need to know that we are at the top of our game. Looking at Congress now, I can’t say that.”

“We need to start getting new faces, new voices, younger generations into government,” Haley concluded. And we need everyone else to understand that it’s time to move out. “

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