Senate Republicans call on FDIC chief to resign over harrassment allegations

Five Republican senators on the Senate Banking Committee have called for the resignation of Martin Gruenberg from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) over allegations that he fostered a culture that was hostile and harmful to women. I asked for it.

on thursday letter, Sen. Tim Scott (South Carolina), Sen. Thom Tillis (North Carolina), Sen. Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), Sen. Kevin Cramer (North Dakota), and Sen. Steve Daines (Montana). (state) said government agencies need to be led by someone “more trustworthy.” Scott is the top Republican on the Banking Committee, which oversees the FDIC and other financial regulators.

“We ask you to resign as chairman and director and allow someone more trustworthy to address the hostile workplace culture at the FDIC to which you contributed,” they wrote.

The senators also grilled Gruenberg over allegations of widespread cultural harassment and misogyny within the agency during his tenure.This claim was made by the Wall Street Journal investigationmore than 100 current and former FDIC employees were interviewed.

They included more than a dozen questions about Mr. Gruenberg's alleged conduct and requests for records related to the allegations, which he called “deeply disturbing.” . The senators requested a list of all complaints or investigations related to sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or hostile work environments in recent years.

The magazine's shocking investigation characterized the FDIC as a rough-and-tumble, hard-drinking agency where lewd behavior is tolerated and encouraged.

“The FDIC's 11-story hotel on the outskirts of Washington, where out-of-town employees stay for training sessions, has become a party venue, with people vomiting in the elevator after a night of drinking, and people on the roof. Some people even urinated in it,'' the article said.

“This controversy led to the creation of an Instagram account in 2021 that posted, “If you've never climbed off a roof, were you really a FIS?'' referring to bank examiners in training. did.

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