Several injured after partial building collapse near Yale medical school

At least eight construction workers were injured in Connecticut when a building partially collapsed just blocks from Yale University and its medical school just after noon on Friday.

The New Haven building was under construction when it collapsed. Fire Chief John Alston Jr. told a news conference that workers told first responders that a large amount of concrete accumulated in one area faster than it could be poured, causing the collapse.

First responders were rushing to rescue victims even more, he said, as the concrete was drying.

“Our troops responded immediately within minutes and found several with injuries ranging from broken bones to three partially buried under rubble,” Alston said. added.

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In Connecticut on Friday, at least eight construction workers were injured when a building partially collapsed a few blocks from Yale University and its medical school. (Glen Duda)

“They did a great job under some dire circumstances,” Alston said. “I’m very proud of this, given what happened in Iowa recently. We’ve been talking about the collapse in our area and they’ve responded brilliantly.”

Three people are believed to have died in Davenport, Iowa, after a building collapsed on Sunday.

First responders used ladders and ropes to help injured people trapped behind jagged rebar and other debris to safety.

Eyewitness Dane Doheny said, “I heard the crash and jumped up.” “It was crazy. It was very emotional and scary. I’m glad everyone was mostly okay.”

He works on the 4th floor of the building next door.

He added that the concrete continued to flow for a short time after the collapse as workers were injured in deep holes at the site. Those in the pit were hauled out via ropes into rescue baskets.

The dog was sent inside the building after everyone was checked in to make sure no one else was inside.

Crane over construction site

Firefighters rescue workers after a building under construction partially collapsed in New Haven, Connecticut. (Paul Haring, via AP)

Officials said there were 36 people at the scene when New Haven collapsed, but all have been found.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Justin Ericker said some of those rescued were injured.

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Ecker told a news conference that seven people were injured, including two in critical condition. The number of injured was later updated to eight.

A map showing New Haven

The New Haven building was under construction when it collapsed. (Related media outlets)

Six of them were rescued by firefighters and two managed to escape the building on their own.

“They were pouring concrete into this building, and as they were pouring the concrete, part of the second floor collapsed onto the first floor and then into the basement,” Erlicker said. boston 25 news report.

“There will be important investigations, as well as construction conditions like this,” he added.

Yale University called it a “building construction accident” in a campus alert issued just after 1 p.m. local time, saying Lafayette Street between Church Street South and Congress Avenue was closed. added.


This two-story building is owned by Yale University and is being developed as a seven-story residential building.

City officials said they planned to issue a work stoppage order at the site until it was safe to do so.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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