Shane & Crystal Robertson charged after 7 kids rescued house of nightmares

A Pennsylvania couple faces a slew of charges of child endangerment after police found their seven children living in a nightmare environment of dozens of rats and ‘feces on the floor’. ing.

Authorities found the children after police responded to a call that two children were stealing from an abandoned trailer at Shane and Crystal Robertson’s home in the Sellersville Trailer Park. . According to the Penridge Area Police Department.

“Further investigation revealed that the children lived in a nearby house,” the police said in a statement.

When officers arrived at the mobile home around 1:30 pm on April 23, they found a barefoot 12-year-old woman in the front yard. She explained that her parents had told her children not to go to an abandoned trailer. And her parents say “she should not be held responsible.” Affidavit of probable cause.

The young woman told officers that her family had no money and only went into an abandoned trailer to get blankets to “warm the rats”.

After investigating, the police detailed the filthy and unpleasant conditions of the house.

Later, another 14-year-old girl appeared “with large work boots that were too big for her feet and clothes that looked dirty”, admitted to entering an abandoned trailer, and told her parents that they were not at home. I made it clear to the correspondent that I was not at the meeting.

Officers then called the Robertsons home, and when they arrived half an hour later, concerned about the girls’ health, they agreed to let them tour the mansion.

Upon entry, the trailer was in “obvious disrepair and disarray,” police found another 16-year-old woman inside that “looked messy,” and the father told police the teen was his last daughter. allegedly stated that

Shane Robertsons lied to early officers on the scene that he had three children and did not tell the other four.
The father falsely told the initial officers on the scene that he had three children and did not mention the other four.

According to the affidavit, officers also observed that the family’s refrigerator had been locked with a bicycle lock, and that Crystal Robertson, 37, “was ‘stealing’ everything and ‘wringing’ children.” I called it a garbage dump with legs,” he said.

Officers then left the mansion to file a “childline report,” while members of the Bucks County Children’s Youth Corps killed three more girls aged 4, 8, 10, and a 6-year-old girl. Having found it, I was called back to my trailer around 5pm. A 1-year-old boy hiding in the back room.

Police were greeted outside the home by his father, Shane Robertson, 47, who “told him he had seven children but didn’t tell them beforehand because he didn’t want to get into trouble.” the report said.

After observing the condition of all seven children, police said they were taken to the hospital for examination.

The children were found to be living in completely deplorable conditions and in extremely poor health.
The children were found to be living in utter filth and in extremely poor health.
Youtube/CBS Philadelphia

Six of the seven children were determined to be “clinically malnourished”, two of whom tested positive for COVID-19, another set of children with reduced kidney function, and the remaining three. The person was found to have a fever and an undiagnosed ‘acute viral syndrome’. said the affidavit.

A week after the children were taken out of the house of terror, the 12-year-old woman still had “maggots” crawling in her hair, according to the documents.

Authorities continued to search the home and uncovered more horrific conditions in which the children were being forced into the house.

abandoned trailer.
One girl told police she went inside an abandoned trailer to find blankets to keep the rats warm.
Youtube/6abc philadelphia

“The room Shane and Krystal slept in had a bed in the middle of the room surrounded by several animal cages. The sheets on the bed looked like they hadn’t been washed in weeks or months. The floor was littered with rubbish and the walls had holes in them,” the document said.

“In the third bedroom, there was fecal matter on the floor in front of the entrance. There were also about 20 rats in four different cages.”

Among the 20 rats, two dogs, two turtles, two rabbits, a snake, a toad, and a four-foot reptile “known as a tegu,” were also found, according to the documents.

The house was in such dire shape that the mother told police she had fallen off the floor a few months earlier.
The house was in such dire shape that the mother told police she had fallen off the floor a few months earlier.
Youtube/6abc philadelphia

“The only notable food in the house was for animals,” investigative officials said.

When police searched the trailer, they found no soap, toothpaste or other cleaning agents or hygiene products.

The mansion was in such dire shape that Crystal Robertson told investigators months ago that she had “fallen off the floor” in her bedroom.

“None of the seven children had a formal education and all lacked basic knowledge. Some did not even know their dates of birth. suffers from,” investigative sources reported.

“The children all struggled with reading, writing and spelling. They all showed social anxiety and revealed they didn’t like being in public places or near other people.”

The children have been placed in foster care since they were rescued from their homes.

Crystal Robertson and Shane Robertson have each been charged with one second-degree offense of endangering the welfare of a child and the remaining children after investigators observed an alleged abuse of a 4-year-old child. He is facing six counts of third-degree welfare endangering charges.

They were taken to prison on May 19 but released the next day after posting $10,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing for the parents, scheduled for May 29, was rescheduled for August 7.

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