Shannon Beador appeared tipsy at bar before DUI arrest: report

Shannon Beador reportedly appeared “tipsy” when she went out to a local bar on Saturday night before her DUI arrest.

According to TMZ, the 59-year-old reality TV personality was drinking with friend Steve Mueller at a restaurant in Newport Beach, California. It is just half a mile away from the residential building she crashed into later that night.

Witnesses told the outlet that while Beador was talking to Mueller, she threw her arms in the air and caused a commotion, speaking loudly enough for nearby patrons to hear her.

In fact, the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star reportedly spent most of the night badmouthing former castmate Alexis Bellino, who was also at the bar.

According to TMZ, the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star was being loud and obnoxious at the restaurant.
NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal (via Getty Images)

Bellino told TMZ in a statement that Beador didn’t speak to her that night, even though he seemed to have a lot to say about her.

“When my girlfriend and I arrived for a fun night out, we quickly realized that Shannon was also at the restaurant,” Bellino said. “Shannon and I did not interact that night, but she knew that she might have negative feelings and resentment towards me, which made her very sad. ”

The Bravo alum, 46, also said she was “not involved” in the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex-husband Jim Bellino in 2018 against Beador and Judge Tamra.

Alexis Bellino
Witnesses said Beador was unhappy with her former RHOC co-star Alexis Bellino.
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“From single mom to single mom, I know Shannon has some difficult times ahead of her and I wish her all the best,” Bellino concluded.

A representative for Beador did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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Just hours after Beador’s alleged wild night out, she crashed into the side of a house and was arrested for driving under influence.

Photos of the damage Shannon Beador caused to 500 Clubhouse Drive during the drunk driving incident.
Just hours later, the Bravolebrity was arrested for drunk driving.

Photos of the damage Shannon Beador caused to 500 Clubhouse Drive during the drunk driving incident.
Beador crashed into a residential building just half a mile from the bar.

On Tuesday, TMZ obtained video of the horrific accident, which shows the reality TV star taking a sharp turn around a tight corner and then losing control of the car.

Photos obtained show that Beador narrowly crashed into the building’s front door, but caused damage to the exterior and landscaping of the home.

According to TMZ, Beador immediately backed up and fled the scene, parking his car “in the middle of the road” despite the damage.

Shannon Beador
She was later arrested on two misdemeanor charges.
Shannon Beador/Instagram

When questioned by police, Beador, who was said to have had a dog in the car, stated, “I was just taking my puppy for a walk.”

However, the police did not believe her story and she was later arrested on two misdemeanor charges of hit and run and driving under the influence.

After Bravolebrity was released on $2,500 bail, her attorney Mike Fell said she was “extremely sorry and remorseful” and “ready to accept full responsibility for her actions.” he said.

The cast of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'
Beador’s lawyer said he is “very sorry and remorseful” for his actions.
NBCU Photo Bank (via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Beador’s close friend Jeff Lewis revealed on his SiriusXM radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live,” that Beador was “injured” in the accident.

He did not reveal the severity of her injuries, but said Beador would “receive counseling” despite the fact that he does not believe she has an alcohol problem. .

“I don’t think Shannon is an alcoholic,” Lewis said. “As a close friend of hers, I think she’s going through a lot of personal struggles right now, and I think she probably turned to alcohol. But I don’t think she’s an alcoholic. I don’t think so.”

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